Water aerobics: reviews and results

If you are looking for the type of physical activity that would help you become a healthier start to feel better, bring your body into shape, you will have a wide range of variants. However, upon closer examination it appears that not all options may suit you specifically - due to age restrictions, certain health problems, load volumes and so on. However, there is an activity that is suitable for all ages and categories - it is ideal for absolutely everyone. This water aerobics, reviews of which are very positive throughout. But what is it? What is included in this type of physical activity? Did he can help you so much with health and fitness?

Aqua aerobics - what is it?

Water aerobics: reviews and results

Of course, first you need to understand that the same is water aerobics. Responses about it can be extremely positive, but it does not negate the fact that any kind of physical activity need to be individualized, so make sure you read all the details before you enroll in a section or to start self-employment. So, aqua aerobics - a subspecies of aerobics, which, as is clear from the title, is conducted in an aqueous medium. This complex is a wide variety of exercises for effective impact on absolutely all the groups of your body muscles. Thus, this type of physical activity can also be called rhythmic gymnastics. Now you know that is a water aerobics (reviews did not lie, this type of activity can really help you and to lose weight and gain health), but again it is necessary to examine in more detail all, and then get down to business.

The emergence of aqua

Water aerobics: reviews and results

If you choose such an occupation as water aerobics, real people do not have to be a determining factor - you need to explore more aspects of this kind of activity in order to get as much information about it as possible. For example, the story of his appearance. For the first time on the exercise in the water mentioned in ancient China, where the monks spent part of their training, totally immersed in water. However, this is only a distant relative of the modern activity - in its current form water aerobics originated in the last century in the United States, where the athletes began to engage in exercises in the aquatic environment to better prepare for competitions. After that water aerobics began to spread around the world, and soon was a kind of training is not just athletes, but also the public fascination. As you can see, you can trust the history of this type of activity is water aerobics - review can deceive, but history never lies.


Water aerobics: reviews and results

Of course, each type of physical activity has its own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before you start to deal with them. This also applies to this type of activity is water aerobics - reviews can tell you a variety of information, but they can also learn a lot of useful information. So what are the benefits of water aerobics? Firstly, water exercises are carried out without the support for the legs - in the water. And this, in turn, means that your muscles will be more tense, more muscle groups will be involved at the same time. Second, exercise in the water have a positive effect on the work of your heart. Accordingly, water aerobics is not only pose a threat to your heart during strenuous physical activity, but also has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system as a whole. Third, the water has a beneficial effect not only on the heart, and on your skin. All the time you spend on the exercise, the water will massage your skin, allowing, for example, get rid of the cellulite. Also do not forget about the fact that when engaging in water pressure on your joints are much smaller, so the security is much higher. After all, many athletes end their career after thirty years, since the joints can not withstand permanent loads. In the water, everything is different, and you can deal with much longer without negative consequences, affecting the joints. Water treatments allow you to relax, reducing the load on the spine, relieve your nervous system. In general, water aerobics allows you to work not only on your muscles, but also to relax and find harmony, which is lacking in body and spirit. And, of course, physical education classes in the water will help you lose calories much faster, which helps speed up weight loss. These are opportunities for you to open water aerobics. Reviews and the results are extremely positive, so you should definitely consider a similar variant of physical activity.


Water aerobics: reviews and results

But do not think that it is absolutely all fit aerobics: reviews and results, of course, can be attractive, but it is not necessary for this risk your health. Always you need to be familiar with contraindications. Firstly, it can not deal with people with asthma, since more water pressure on the chest that can cause an attack. Also, do not take risks and those who are prone to seizures. They can engage in water aerobics only if everything first with your physician. To the doctor should go well at first, and those who suffer from osteochondrosis or any form of allergy. And of course, do not think about water aerobics to those people who are in the recovery phase after the injury, or only after it recovered. So people better to wait a while, because at the moment for them is unlikely to be fully available for water aerobics. Reviews, photos, reviews, videos and more can be found in the public domain - read them yet, consider their program and after complete recovery go to class.


Water aerobics: reviews and results

Of course, you can do yourself, but it is still recommended to do this in special centers in small groups under the guidance of an experienced coach and supervised by lifeguards. Not negotiable water aerobics for pregnant women. Responses about it is usually only the most positive, but that you have to deal with very carefully - in the smallest groups and under the strict and constant supervision. But generally speaking, the groups typically range from 7 to 15 people who are in the same pool. The depth of the pool may vary, so if for you it is important - in advance specify when buying a ticket. You can also order a private lessons, but they will be much more expensive. For lessons you need to have everything you need - trunks or a swimsuit, swimming cap and shoes in which you'll go to the pool. With this set, you can begin to achieve their goals, whether it is strong muscles, health, or less weight. All these can guarantee you water aerobics. Reviews lost weight, by the way, usually told that to lose weight with this kind of activity can be very fast.


Water aerobics: reviews and results

Of course, there is no point in listing all the exercises that you can find in the different sections of aqua aerobics, as they can be very much. The most important thing - is that the classes are usually divided into blocks, each of which plays a very important role. Firstly, you need to conduct a warm-up, performing complex simple exercises that will allow you to warm up and stretch your muscles - this should be done even in the water. Then you will have the main part, which includes a variety of exercises - kardiotrenirovochnye, exercises for strength, endurance, and so on.

complexity of

Water aerobics: reviews and results

There are three groups of difficulty, and you have to start from scratch, to achieve good results. In the initial group performed simple exercises such as kick their feet, pulling up the legs to the chest and hang in the water and so on. Further become more intense exercise include running, cardio active jumping and so on. Well advanced level can give you a serious surprises - you have to deal with at a rapid pace for an hour.

The results of

If you are interested in when and what kind of results you get here you do not need to hurry. Attend classes 2 or 3 times a week, do it at least three consecutive months, and eventually you will find that your body has changed, excess weight lost, and returned to normal health.


Many people from the beginning want to know that they will give water aerobics. Reviews and the results "before and after" will be for you an ideal source of information. Reviews usually describe a specific program - exercise, that it includes the effect of them, that is what changes have been seen and when exactly, as well as personal experience. And talk about this kind of physical activity as a sufficiently effective.