Big nose: what to do, how to hide

Beauty - is the concept of a multi-faceted, it is perceived differently by people. As well as portrayed in certain notions of good and evil, and at the same time there is a debate, different views. The same is said about beauty. Some breathtaking delights of the warm summer landscapes, others deem beautiful dull autumnal landscape.

The big nose. Is there a problem?

Big nose: what to do, how to hide

Many people allow themselves to assess the beauty of a human. Ladies always ask questions that relate to their appearance. Girls constantly finding flaws at: overweight, irregular shape of eyebrows, big nose. By the way, if we talk about the nose, half of the fairer sex complain about irregular its shape. To some it may seem a longish someone wide, and someone thinks it's just great. In China, there is even a whole science that traces how the size and shape of the nose may affect the character and temperament of its owner. Thus, a large straight nose peculiar people with a stable character. And here is a little shape says about pride, stubbornness, aggressiveness and determination. Who after such performance will want little nose? Big snook woman describes it as able to compete with men for a high position.

Do I need to hide a big nose?

As the old saying goes: "big nose a good person does not spoil." Why do you need to hide it? Nose - this is an extremely significant part of the face, which is perceived not only as an organ of respiration. He is responsible for the appeal and harmonious appearance. And this one little detail is often a long time causes a number of facilities in its owner. Many stars of cinema refused to rhinoplasty and have benefited from it. For example, everyone knows Barbra Streisand once flatly refused to change the shape of his nose, which after became one of its trump cards.

Big nose: what to do, how to hide

Most popular models recognized that a child had problems with their peers because of its rather big nose. Becoming rich and famous, they do not worry about the fact that they have a big nose. Photos in the article to prove it.

How to disguise the shape of the nose with the help of hairstyles

Man by nature does not own the perfect proportions of the face, and the assertion that a large nose spoils the beauty of the female is wrong. However, you can visually adjust the shape, without resorting to surgery. True to maneuver when mowing selection helps acquire a magnificent appearance. So how to hide a big nose with the help of hairstyles?

Big nose: what to do, how to hide

It is necessary to remember that short hair - not a good option. Also, be aware of other factors. For example, if the hair is straight and smooth, it will make a big nose is even more noticeable. In this case are appropriate stages and voluminous hairstyle that will give hair a mild splendor. Then all the attention focuses on the head of hair volume, the beauty of the lips and eyes, not on the magnitude of the nose. Girls with long nose, you can try to change the tone of the hair. Lighter shades can visually reduce the size of the "problem." But girls with a small spout ideal flowing straight hair, small curls, and his short haircut. Although professionals and are advised to pay attention to the hairstyles with fleece, but their selection should take into account body composition. A fragile girl with a huge head of hair will look awkward.

Do I need a bang

You should know that with bangs hairstyles are also not allowed. Girl with a big nose, you need to forget about them. Such haircuts visually reduce the forehead and cheekbones, so the nose will seem even longer. But if the sacrifice bangs do not work, then you need to try to change at least its shape. Unconventional bangs will look good!

Big nose: what to do, how to hide

big nose. What to do? Visual change in the shape of the nose with the help of make-up

Make-up is able to do amazing things. He makes the woman's face refined. It is only necessary deftly use of colors and set accents correctly. Then with the help of make-up can achieve a stunning effect and divert attention from the big nose.

So, to visually reduce the bump, enough to put a couple of strokes a light powder on the area between the eyebrows. To long nose seemed shorter, it is necessary to put on the tip of his dark tonal basis.

Big nose: what to do, how to hide

It is also necessary to darken the lower eyelid to visually reduce the distance from the eyes to the nose tip. To optically correct a wide nose, it is necessary to darken his wings and nose highlight powder lighter shade. You can also focus on the "problem", apply blush on the cheekbones and lightly touch their nose. Therefore, the trick lies in the fact that with the help of light and dark shades will beat type considered part of the face.

What is the shape of the eyebrows select

With proper eyebrow shape can also hide large nose. Correct their location and size affect the harmony and expression in general. Thin eyebrows are permitted to wear women with small features. On the contrary. Ladies who have a very big nose, is required to focus on the form, rise, width and length of the eyebrows. Round, expressive balance the overall look of the face.

Visually reduce too broad nose can change the interval between the eyebrows. It is better to cut a little, if the nose bridge of the nose in a wide area. If the nose is expanding in the area of ​​the tip, the distance between the eyebrows should be increased. Wide but short nose will look more harmonious, if a little lift contour eyebrows. It should be noted that the color you need to do a half-tone darker. This will give the person the harmony and proportionality.

to choose sunglasses

Big nose: what to do, how to hide

All the imperfections of our shape, including an irregular shape of the nose can also be corrected, to choose the right glasses. If you order a glass frame in an extravagant, it is sure to attract all the attention, and big nose will be less noticeable. In the case of an ideal, must be ordered with zero points lenses. If wearing corrective optics, there is a risk to get, in addition to problems with the nose, difficulty with the eyes.

Many modern women, even with vision problems are embarrassed to wear glasses. They give their preference for contact lenses. We must not forget that the contempt for people wearing optics, has long passed. Nowadays, this attribute is a stylish and even indispensable. In addition, without the glasses that image will be considered incomplete and immoderate. Girls who find their nose large, need to pay attention to the points in a dark frame. In addition, the frame for the lenses you need to choose the narrow and the corners of the glass must be clearly expressed. Also, professionals recommend choosing the original in color and form accessories.

The concept of beauty. Expert opinion

Scientists of the Kiev Institute of modern psychology have studied what people mean by the concept of "beauty". As a result, they concluded that the beauty of many attributed to health. It is difficult to argue. In a healthy body healthy mind. But how could any woman was beautiful, she always will be dissatisfied with their appearance. Strong half is exasperated. But ladies often forget that if a man is interested in a particular girl and carried out certain steps to meet her, he has already made conclusions for themselves about her beauty. Young people perceive female beauty as a whole, not paying attention to the shortcomings, because of which the girls can complexes. But this fact does not mean that, having acquired a permanent partner, you need to run your appearance. A woman should be well-groomed. And let her imperfect facial features, sparse hair and bad skin, but putting some effort, it will be able to attract the attention of potential admirers. It is important to remember that a person is perfect its essence rather than the individual elements. You need to love yourself, and then everything will be fine.