Team play - ideal for a fun outdoor activities

Team play - not only a fun activity, but also a great opportunity to unite a group of people to form a friendly staff. Most mobile entertainment hit the spot for both children and adolescents, and adults.

Games for relay type, team races, dogonyalok develop the body, promote better coordination and simply can improve mood. Organize team games it is advisable in the summer camps, corporate parties during public festivals and informal parts of the celebrations.

Tug of War

Probably one of the most popular entertainment in the nature of competitions in favor of tug of war. This is not just a team game, and even a kind of sport in which competitions are held in various countries around the world.

Team play - ideal for a fun outdoor activities

For the competition are required to comply with the following conditions:

  1. as the main projectile must be made of strong and wide enough rope length from four to eight meters (depending on number of participants).
  2. Before the game, check the strength of competitive projectile.
  3. In the middle of the rope should be a mark in the form of colored bands or ribbons node.
  4. Preparation of the playground requires the creation of a special mark that divides the field into two equal parts.

According to the generally accepted rules, in a tug must participate at least 8 people. However, sometimes these sports team games are limited to a smaller number of participants. In general, the main thing is that those wishing to be enough to be divided into two equal groups.

Team play starts on the whistle lead, after which the participants try to pull the rope through the mark marked on the court line. Usually the winner is determined after the success of the team in several rounds.

Pass the ball

This team game is suitable for both children and adults (in the organization of a noisy party or corporate event). The only condition is that there is sufficient free space.

At the beginning of the game a few teams sit in a circle formed of tightly composed chairs. Each previous player has to sit sideways in relation to the next.

The essence of the game is to alternately pass the ball. However, this should be used for the legs, and more specifically - the section from the knee to the hip. The recipient is obliged to get the ball and roll the ball on the thigh near the player. In the fall of the projectile moves at several positions back. Award winning team, which before all managed to pass the ball to all the participants.

The radioman

These team games in nature is recommended in deserted places, because entertainment is quite noisy.

Team play - ideal for a fun outdoor activities

For the organization of the game, participants are divided into teams, where the players are selected for the role of the radio operator and the reception center. Further to the players become several tens of meters distance from each other, and the opponent team located therebetween.

The main essence is to as quickly as possible the sound transmission of the random message in the presence of interference in the form of noise from opposing players. The winner is determined according to the accuracy and speed of the reception information. At the end of the full text of the players compare their message across.


If you want to organize a really fun team games for children, in which case you can play centipede. For the competition is sufficient to form equal teams. Each participant is given a few ropes that own feet must be connected to the front legs standing.

Team play - ideal for a fun outdoor activities

First, it is recommended to carry out a simple command race, for example, to reach from one mark to the other at a walking pace. This will allow participants to coordinate movements and avoid injury in the future.

Once the team orient in movement features, you can begin to accelerate the step. Diversity Employment will install low safety barriers.

The game of dressing up

Team play - ideal for a fun outdoor activities

To participate in such an amusing competition to be fun not only for children but also adult audiences. For the organization of entertainment should be divided into teams and choose a few visitors.

The mittens are used as tools, socks, stockings, etc.. It is desirable that they were new or at least clean. The eyes of participants tied tight bandage. Arms stretched mittens or gloves.

The essence of the game is quick to put on your feet as much as possible the number of socks. In this case, it specifies in advance the time allotted for the task.

The difficulty lies in the presence of a stocking, mittens and other clothing, present, mixed with socks. The players who have to sort out things in awkward gloves blindfolded, usually cause the laughter and create a relaxed atmosphere noisy.