Nutrition and foods to improve brain function

Nutrition and foods to improve brain function

"Eat a piece of fish, there is a lot of phosphorus, and it is necessary for the brain. Do you study… ". Few people have not heard of this phrase in his student years, or in school, from the mother or grandmother. If a successful mental work needed to consume only fish, it is likely that human diet, which often involves the head of the work would be a preponderance of fish meatballs and herring.

However, for the normal functioning of a complex organ, except for phosphorus, needed a whole bunch of food - vitamins and trace elements, each of which is responsible for one or the other section, and brain activity.

For example, to improve memory, enhance concentration, brain activity and intelligence flexibility person help zinc, iron, iodine and boron. These useful items in sufficient quantity contained in marine fish, seafood, beans, cooked meats and some fruits and vegetables (such as beans, broccoli, grapes, oranges, dried fruit, pears and apples).

To mental overload does not affect the nervous system, dairy breakfast for working in the person's office - exactly what you need, because the milk, eggs, cheese, dairy products contain whole calcium deposits, as well as protein. The latter is very important for the production of the hormones adrenaline and dopamine, which stimulate brain processes and accelerate the quickness of thought. Lean fish and chicken also help avoid deficiency of protein in the body, but also, due to the small number of calories dishes from these products will not lead to overweight, which is also important, because those who are engaged in intellectual work, mainly leading a sedentary lifestyle.

People who earn a living intelligence, it is advised to eat bananas, cereals and more peanut, regulating the body's balance of magnesium and vitamin C. Pull cerebral atherosclerosis can tomatoes, beets, cabbage, and even garlic, because, regularly adding these products dishes, you can avoid premature aging of cells.

Those who are chasing the IQ indexes, except for intellectual food in the form of books and clippings from articles should feed your brain with lemon, spinach and green tea. And besides, the pleasure of a sweet tooth: that the human brain worked without a glitch - a small piece of chocolate or a spoon of honey with walnuts will be helpful, as well as other products containing glucose.

However, attention should be paid to the cereal, rice and beans, because in this case, the polysaccharides are digested more slowly, so the effect of this food brainstorming will be long.