Krupnik - homemade honey liqueur

Krupnik - homemade honey liqueur

Alcoholic beverages based on honey do almost all European nations, they drink for pleasure or ailments. Slavic variant called "Krupnik". In fact it is a honey liqueur flavored with different herbs and spices. Lovers of sweet alcohol offer to get acquainted with the recipe and technology of preparation of the drink.

Krupnik - old strong (25-35 degrees) of honey liqueur, vodka and spices, sometimes in the still add berries or fruits. It served as cold dessert or alcohol as a hot beverage warming. In moderation it strengthens the immune system and helps with colds.

Krupnik is often confused with other traditional Slavic alcohol - mead. In fact they are two different beverage. Mead made by natural fermentation, and Krupnik added to pure alcohol (vodka).

Honey liqueur popular in Poland, Belarus and the Baltic States. The first written recipes Krupnikov appeared in the XVIII century, nowadays established their manufacturing. Due to the simplicity of preparation, anyone can do Krupnik at home.


honey (preferably floral) - 250 gram;

water - 200 ml;

vodka (cognac) - 0, 5 liters;

Cinnamon - sticks floor;

Carnation - 2 bud;

cardamom - 1 piece;

mint - 1 tablespoon; ground black pepper - 1 pinch;

baking soda - 1 teaspoon.

A set of spices (herbs) can be changed according to personal preferences, experimenting with the composition of spices and their proportions. Classic recipe does not exist in ancient times, it was his each family.

Recipe for honey liqueur

1. Mix the water in the pan, honey, spices and soda.

2. The resulting mixture boil simmered for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally to foam not formed. It is desirable not to heat honey above 60 ° C, since at a higher temperature of the nutrients therein is lost.

3. Cool the brew to room temperature, then filter it through 2-3 layers of cheesecloth, removing residues spices.

4. Pour the mixture was filtered in a glass jar, add vodka (cognac) and mix well.

5. The sealed jar with a lid and put on the 20-30 days in a dark cool place.

6. Filter the finished drink through a gauze and cotton wool, and then stand in the cellar for another 10-15 days.

The result is a sweet liqueur honey light brown color with a saturated spices and aroma strength of 25-30 degrees. In a cool, dark place it can be stored for several years.