Cheap and cheerful, for a hike

Cheap and cheerful, for a hike

1. cheese without cheese.

Take the instant, you have to break it, lay in a jar and add 1-2 cloves of garlic (crush or finely chopped) and add the mayonnaise (more so, as it is absorbed). And leave overnight. As a result, we get such a thing, to look and taste like cheese worn on the grater with garlic and mayonnaise.

2. Eggs!

In a jar out of canned herring to put a little semolina and leave for a couple of hours. It turns out to look and taste like eggs, can be spread on bread.

3. And for dessert super cake:

in a water bath to dissolve toffee (200 grams, such as "golden key"), 100-150 g butter + half a tin of condensed milk (if not, you can not). And fill this corn sticks, lay down a hill and wait until cool.

Andrey Scherbakov