It was in the early 90-ies of the last century, in Estonia ....

It was in the early 90-ies of the last century, in Estonia ....

There just became the proud people go on the SS Nedobitko. One such came to a local studio and said, of course, in Estonian:

- I would like to order from you in uniform of the Estonian SS legion. If you do not manage, at least uniform.

And stretches ordered it, too, an Estonian, a photograph in which a smiling young man in SS uniform.

She says:

- Sorry, but make uniforms for photos - it is difficult, I'd rather talk to our head of the studio. It might help.

It rises to the second floor, and there the head is sitting in his office. Russian, and besides, a war veteran.

Receptionist explains her problem, that thinking a little, sending it back into the room, saying that now she will be released to the customer. That, delighted, and gave her words of former SS men. And the head of the studio just wanted to refurbish its ladies' jacket, which flaunted its orders and medals for the Great Patriotic War.

She put it on and went out to the customer, politely saying:

- Do not worry, the uniform of the Estonian SS legion we will sew. I was a sniper in the war, so that your uniforms remember very well ...

Maybe she had what she wanted to say, but only old man grabbed his photograph and took off at a gallop from the studio.