Mikhail Delyagin, "Crimes of the liberal reformers in the energy sector"

Mikhail Delyagin,

Details in the "case of Power" is important, but more important to say that underlies history.

The reform of the electric power Anatoly Chubais, which began in 2001 and ended in 2004, transformed into a potentially criminal scope of the entire Russian energy sector, which still can not function normally.

The meaning of reform that I and his comrades could be delayed for eight and a half months (which, incidentally, is the subject of my pride, what I did not hesitate to say in his time Chubais), is as follows.

Single technological complex production, generation, transmission and distribution, without marketing, which really can be separated, was completely vandalized chipped on a regional basis. As a result, on-site electricity artificially created chaos.

As always, when liberal reforms and in particular at Chubais reforms, privatized profit centers, and infrastructure elements necessary for the proper functioning of the system, dumped on the shoulders of the state. Ultimately their funding are passed on to consumers through tariffs.

Example. In the Krasnodar region, possessing perhaps the most cheap electricity in the world - energy hydropower plants, and where coal is mined in the open pit, to be delivered at Berezovskaya GRES just on the conveyor belt, people pay for energy much money as all over the country. At the same time, the electricity is exported to China at a price several times lower. As a result, Russia's electricity is sponsoring a competitive economy.

It is clear that at artificially high prices and in total disregard of reliability, as evidenced occurred in late August accident at the largest post-Soviet space Reftinskaya in the Sverdlovsk region, where no light there were people already in the Trans-Baikal region, a large part of the electricity management completely atrophied sense of responsibility .

A huge number of professionals have been driven out because they could not put up with this abuse. To be replaced by people who are still indifferent. For them, the electricity - not an instrument of development of the country and its way of robbery.

Like all liberal reforms in the country, aimed at ensuring the interests of big business and the monopolies against the interests of the Russian people, the energy reform in fact wore a criminal nature.

If some of the people working in the system, commit some crime, then there is nothing strange. They just meet the spirit of reform and Chubais ideology of Russian liberalism - not by Voltaire and by Berezovsky.

And do not be surprised the power companies, who commit crimes, and those who in spite of the system in which they live and work, crime still not commit. I hope that the fight against corruption will go further and that the police will fix the crime, which prepared the way for the liberal reformers.

Slobodin Olkhovik, Vainzikher and others came to work in the power industry and have been forced to work on Chubais rules. It is quite possible that they are honest people.

Defend or defame them - none of my business. I do not know them personally, I do not know whether they are right or wrong. But I welcome the fight against corruption and everything that looks like the fight against corruption, as it gives frighten other criminals. This will make them scared and restrict their appetites. Then the country will have more money, which will not be stolen.

But my business - to explain what transformed the Russian power industry reform Chubais, thanks to the efforts which we are discussing today, these people in the context of criminal reports.