6 things kotorye called "Russian"

6 things kotorye called

Greek salad, french kiss, roller coasters, English lawn taken root in our minds and in our everyday life. And that outside Russia is the definition of "Russian", apart from the obvious things, like the king, government and restructuring of neologisms?

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette, Roulette and Hussar - an extreme gamble or bet fatal. According to the rules of the game, charging one round, after which the drum is rotated several times so that players do not know where is the only cartridge in an empty drum revolver. After this the players take turns trays muzzle of the revolver to his own head and pulled the trigger.

The image of Russian Roulette firmly entrenched in Western pop culture, manifesting itself in the names of music albums, movies, and even a new social network, the meaning of which is that the user chooses a random interlocutor.

Russian slides

The forerunner of the attraction, which we call reason the "roller coaster" and the Americans - "Russian hills". The English-language Wikipedia are called "Russian Mountains". "Russian" such a roller coaster called in France, in Italy, in Spain. The oldest mention of the roller coaster is considered XVII century - time hobbies sledding. Frost slides, constructed by Peter I near St. Petersburg, had a height of approximately 25 m and the angle of inclination of about 50 °. Catherine II was so keen icy hill that commanded to construct them for personal use only on the territory of the royal residence. There are several opinions as to who first proposed to equip the wheels of the sled. Some historians believe that the first time such a roller coaster came under Catherine II in the gardens of Oranienbaum in 1784. Many other historians argue that it was in France. In Paris in 1812 they opened Les Montagnes Russes? Belleville, which translates as "Russian hills in Belleville." Trolley these slides were equipped with wheels, which were recorded in the rail and to ensure the safety at high speeds.

Serving in Russian

French - Service a la russe, in English - service in the Russian style, the so-called form of serving as meals bring on line - appetizers, first, second, dessert. This method came into use at the beginning of the XIX century thanks to the Russian ambassador in France, Prince Alexander Kurakin. Before that Europeans lay the table according to the principle "all at once". Now it is in Russian srviruyut dining in all the leading European restaurants.

The order of placing the instrument on the right of the plate (from the outside to the inside): oyster fork, laid in a soup spoon, fish knife, butcher knife, salad / fruit knife.

To the left of plates (from outside to inside): fish fork, fork meat, salad / fruit fork.

Russian Red

Russian Red - a bright shade of red. For example, red lipstick is called Russian Red.

Black Russian

Black Russian - a cocktail containing vodka and coffee liqueur (for example, Kahl a?). Cocktail considered ancestor mixed drinks, including coffee. Got its name "Black Russian", marking the darkest period of the Cold War against the Soviet Union.

Cocktail was first made in 1949 by the Belgian barman Gustave Topom who prepared it in the hotel Metropol in Brussels in honor of Perle Area, at that time was US Ambassador to Luxembourg.

Fill up to the top of ice cubes Rocks

Pour the coffee liquor of 25 ml, 50 ml of vodka and stir cocktail spoon. Served in a glass of old-fashion on crushed ice; used in the preparation method of build.

White Russian

White Russian - very popular cocktail with cream on the basis of vodka, which entered into fashion thanks to the film "The Big Lebowski." The first mention in the press about this drink is seen in California Oakland Tribune edition of 21 November 1965.

Fill up to the top of ice cubes Rocks

Pour into a glass of low-fat cream 30 ml, 30 ml of coffee liquor and 30 ml of vodka

Stir cocktail spoon until the freeze wall

When cooking using the build method. In old-fashion glass with ice poured liquor, then vodka and top added cream. Served in the same way as the Black Russian - on crushed ice.