Ten interesting facts about Russian Defense Minister

Ten interesting facts about Russian Defense Minister

1. After the end of the Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic Institute (specialty - engineer) Sergei Shoigu, who just did not work: he was a master, chief of section, senior superintendent, chief engineer ...

2. Becoming chief EMERCOM, Shoigu did not sit in their offices and constantly personally flew to the disaster area. When asked why he does it, the minister replied: "I do not want to rescuers who I respect immensely, I ever asked, and you were there?"

3. Shoigu likes classical music and he perfectly plays the guitar.

4. Resting it exclusively in Russia. Prefers family Sayan.

5. Shoigu owns the absolute record tenure among modern Russian politicians in the rank of minister he led the MOE and its predecessors from 1991 to 2012. During this time, the number of agency staff has increased from 150 to 300 thousand people.

6. Sergei Shoigu and more ... artist most likes watercolor, technique of wet leaves. In addition, interested in woodcarving, he even has his own home studio. 7. In 1991 g. Shojgu led the operation to prevent the fall 700-ton pipe Ufa refinery. The event was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

8. For the denial of Soviet victory in the Great Patriotic War Shoigu in February 2009 proposed to introduce criminal responsibility.

9. Shoigu number of contract (300 thousand. People) for the first time in Russian military history has exceeded the number of recruits (276 thousand. People).

10. The Minister of Defense is a fan of "Spartacus" in football and hockey for CSKA. Himself plays in the amateur tournament "Night Hockey League", which brings veterans hockey participation, well-known politicians and businessmen.

Sergei Shoigu health, strength and success to you, with all my heart!