Surprise of all: how to accurately predict the weather at sea

Surprise of all: how to accurately predict the weather at sea

Weather forecast for the local features

1. Weather Deterioration (approximation cyclone warm front: approximation inclement weather, wet precipitation, fresh wind 6-12 hours)

Atmospheric pressure is gradually lowered in the absence of diurnal variation. Disturbed diurnal variation of outside temperature and humidity the wind. Appear quickly moving from horizon to zenith pinnate unguiculate clouds which are gradually replaced Cirrostratus passing into a more dense layer alto clouds. Cirrus and cirrostratus clouds moving to the right on the direction of the ground wind. Increased visibility, increasing the refraction - the appearance of objects from the horizon. Strengthening of excitement swell and wave start to go with the wind. Improved audibility in the air. The appearance of a "halo" and crowns of small size. Strong twinkling stars at night. Dawn bright red color. At night and in the morning there is dew. The movement of clouds in the lower and upper tiers in different ways appear false sun, mirages, and so on. N. In the evening the sun sets into the gathering dense clouds.

2. Weather Deterioration, approaching cold front, thunderstorms and storms for 1-2 hours before the beginning)

The sharp drop in atmospheric pressure. The emergence Cirrocumulus clouds. The emergence of dense cirrus torn. The appearance of altocumulus, towering and lens-shaped clouds. The instability of the wind noise is a problem in the radio reception. The appearance of the sea typical of the noise from the approaching storm or squall. The dramatic development of cumulonimbus clouds. 3. There remains bad weather (cloudy with precipitation, strong winds, poor visibility) for the next 6 hours or more

Low or lower atmospheric pressure has a daily course. The nature of clouds (Nimbostratus Cumulonimbus) does not change. the air temperature in summer is reduced, increased winter, has no diurnal variation. The wind is fresh, it does not change its strength, character and little changes direction.

4. Improved weather (after passage of a warm front or a front occlusion can be expected cessation of precipitation and wind attenuation in the next 4 hours)

The pressure drop is stopped, the barometric trend becomes positive. The appearance of gaps in the clouds. Cloud height increases. Nimbostratus replaced Stratocumulus and Stratus. The wind turns to the right and weakened. sea ​​state begins to settle down. Partly mist appears at sea (when water temperature is below the air temperature).

5. Improved weather (after passing cold front of the second kind can be expected cessation of precipitation, wind direction changes and clarification 2-4 hours)

The sharp growth of atmospheric pressure. Sharp right wind. A sharp change in the nature of the cloud, increasing gaps. The sharp increase in visibility. Lowering the temperature. The weakening of the interference with the radio reception.

6. It is saved in the next 12 hours of good anticyclonic weather (wind or with a quiet calm, clear sky or a small cloud and good visibility) High atmospheric pressure has a diurnal variation. The air temperature is low in the morning, it increased to 15 hours, and lowered to overnight. Wind the night or dawn fades to 14 hour. Amplified, turning to noon on solonetzes afternoon - the sun. In the coastal strip are observed correctly give way to the morning and evening breezes. The appearance of the morning individual cirrus clouds, disappearing at noon. At night and in the morning dew on the deck and other items. Gold and pink hues of dawn, the silvery glow in the sky Dry haze on the horizon. The formation of ground fog at night and in the morning and disappear after the sunrise. The sun goes down on the clear horizon.

7. The nature of weather will continue for the near future

Repetition in meteorological elements observation periods of the previous day.

View of clouds, visibility, precipitation patterns, the color of the sky, the color of the dawn, the audibility of reception, state of the sea, the type and nature of the excitement, optical phenomena in the atmosphere similar to the same features of the previous day.

Poems about change in the weather

There are seagulls on the sand sailor promise longing. And while not sit in water, storm wait weather.

If the clouds are piled up in the form of towers or rock, heavy rain will break out soon, a flurry of raids ferocious.

Whitecaps on the sky run Ile brooms sweeping the sky, when your mast high, leaving only topsails yes foremast!

If the clouds gathered and quickly fly, soon all your gear zatreschat. If they begin to tear pieces - Put bramsails: they should not be afraid! Climbs up arrow resistant, not wanting to rest Can you wait while it is indisputable that the remaining will blow!

At low barometer - the first rise, a flurry of healthy, no doubt we are waiting.

Night sky, since full of fire, the morning Zorya fog obscures the true signs of a clear day, the old sailor sails adds.

If the arrow suddenly dropped, tarry thunderstorm, rain squall il. Well if the arrow is lifted, the weather improves.

Rain before the wind after - Wait by the flurry of all ills! After the rain comes the wind - means that soon will pass a flurry.

Birds, since to the bank holding their way - healthy wind, believe me, will blow!

Jumping up and down arrow - That the weather is just a whim. Well if slow motion - Wait for a long time changes.

When the sun set into the water - Wait for good weather, and when getting into the cloud - Beware, you get the fur fly!