Researchers have created and tested a laser, which is 10 times more powerful than conventional

An international team of scientists announced the successful completion of the test laser superpower "Bivoy" (Bivoj), got its name in honor of the legendary Czech athlete. According to the news agency Agence France-Presse, quoting Czech and British scientists, "Superlaser" has a capacity of 1000 watts, which makes it "10 times more powerful than" any other similar type of laser.

Researchers have created and tested a laser, which is 10 times more powerful than conventional

"It's a new world record, which is important," - says John Collier, head of the British research enterprise Central Laser Facility.

"It's just a formality. However, what really counts is what you can use all the technology developed here including for the creation that's just such heavy-duty laser systems. "

And yet, the researchers explain that they have created a laser is the most powerful it is among its type. In general, there are more powerful lasers in the world. For example, Japanese laser for experiments with rapid ignition pulses capable of generating power PW 2 (petawatts) or 2 quadrillion watts. However, such laser as and the like, has no indication of so-called medium-power - a combination of retransmission intensity and energy - and are capable of achieving high power only a few times per day.

"These lasers have very high peak power, but they are able to reach her only a few times a day. In addition, they do not have an average power. Our own laser has the highest rate of average power in the world ", - said Thomas lobes, director of the Czech project High Average Power Pulsed Laser.

The project to create a laser "Bivoy" cost about $ 48 million. laser apparatus weighs about 20 tons. A team of scientists hopes to bring new technology to the commercial market in the second half of this year, where it can be used for engineering purposes such as metal hardening, as well as in industrial production, for example in the manufacture of semiconductor materials.