Short haircut for girls - practical, comfortable and feminine

Female beauty is so diverse that even with short hair beautiful delicate nature may look elegant and feminine. Short haircut for girls are now especially popular, because in this time of rapid and swift no time for half-hour permanent placement, so an option to wear short hair is the most practical and appropriate. It would seem that you can come up with short hair? Nothing! But this is the most profound error. On short strands can be made a lot of very different packings, the main thing in this case - to choose the right hairstyle for oval face shape, hair color and hair styling options for the future hairstyles.

A short haircut for women - stylish, practical and convenient

A century ago it was impossible to imagine a fine half of mankind without braids or pompous installation. With the advent of World War II, women served on a level with men, tried to keep pace, and at home, and not to yield to the enemy in combat, from that time on the hair is not enough, and the girls cut their locks - so it was convenient. But even with the departure of war form of such short cuts has not disappeared, but has found its place under the sun. Already at that time in the fashion houses of models who embody femininity and beauty, and ease, had in its image highlights: daring, sexy and freedom - all thanks to a short haircut.

Short haircut for girls - practical, comfortable and feminine

Today, the popularity of this form of hair does not faded, but on the contrary, due to new design ideas, more and more women can choose for themselves the appropriate option hairstyles. What styles of haircuts for short hair is now in the trend?

What hairstyle to pick up under the shape of the face?

All short haircuts are divided into winning and covering the problem area. The first option refers to the girls who have a right elongated oval face and slender proportionate figure. On any of these women Trendy hairstyles will look stylish and elegant.

Girls who have problem areas, whether it's high cheekbones, eyelids overhanging eye, will have to try to find the perfect haircut.

Owners of a triangular type of person should avoid excessive volume at the crown - it will exacerbate the situation. In such cases it is better to choose a short cut or a bob bob and sleek hair. The length of the strands to butch not below the chin line.

The girls, whose oval face resembles a flared trapeze down, standing, on the contrary, to add fluffiness and volume to the top of the head.

Short haircut for girls - practical, comfortable and feminine

But the chubby girls should disguising such a big face hanging strands (to the chin on the front of the face).

Types of haircuts

Short haircut for girls can be very diverse, so it is considered the most popular and most practical options.

Bob haircut suits many girls. Classical variant differs in that all the strands have the same length along the perimeter. The shape of the hairstyle can be modified: asymmetric, on the leg, and so forth, depending on the fantasy hairdresser.

The type of hairstyle depends on all the

No less known version of the square. Very stylish look hairstyle. Characterized such short for girls in that the length of the strands, depending on the selected style should be the same, or have a smooth line. The front part of the hair usually requires a distinct angle. But the square is quite variably, so perfectly combined with shaven temples, ragged tips and so on.

Short haircut for girls - practical, comfortable and feminine

Another very popular haircut with long strands at the crown. Its peculiarity is that the temples and occipital part has practically shaved area, but not at "0", and "2" or "3" in the professional hairdressing machine. Near the base there is a minimum length, but higher to the top of the head, the hair is longer. Ideally combined such short haircuts for girls with bangs. In this case, the bang has the largest length and fit always using mousse, nail and hair dryer in the controlled chaos. All strands are drawn forward and is charged up by making a small crest. Option is very stylish and feminine.

The originality - a great way to stand out from the crowd

Pixie haircut is suitable for women who want to rejuvenate their appearance. The main difference between a haircut from any other is that here there is a lot of protruding strands. In this case, the length of hair is different, and with the correct laying a particularly romantic and stylish look.

Short haircut for girls - practical, comfortable and feminine

Beautiful short haircuts for girls can take very different look and combine several techniques: cascade staircase, waiter, sessun and so on. That is why finding the perfect option can every woman.

Current Colors

To be a trend, it is necessary not only to know what hairstyle will suit, but what colors this season should be used. All who are used to that short haircuts for full girls and slender must have natural color, profoundly mistaken. Short strands - is an occasion for brighter options, and this season is especially popular combination blonde with raspberry, lilac flowers. Blue locks, blood-red, and the availability of multi-colored patterns shaved at the temples - this is the most fashionable trends. It was a bright, extraordinary shades should be preferred.

Short haircut for girls - practical, comfortable and feminine

Trendy hairstyles for short hair for girls is easy to pick up today, because now in the hairdressing there are new tools, and a little more unique features than ever before. If you want to change radically, to be in a completely different way, it is necessary to choose a short swifts. The main thing - to find a suitable form of haircut, and then we can look stylish, feminine and feel comfortable and free.