Dress with ruffles - feminine and stylish choice for every girl

The present trend of this season in women's fashion can truly be considered flounces on dresses, blouses, sundresses. Many see ruffles so-called "ruffles". These cute and Pestryaev details perfectly emphasizes femininity, flair and elegant way. Shuttlecocks and look great on short summer dresses, and cocktail and evening long. Dress with ruffles has several advantages: it gives a visual volume in the right places (breast or thigh) and makes the dress is not so commonplace, and original and interesting.

Dress with ruffles - feminine and stylish choice for every girl

Today there is a huge variety of variations of flounces (volume, size, color and position). A popular trend is considered to be a dress with flounces on the shoulders. Plans for such a dress is so simple that it can make every girl and look at the right moment perfectly.

The dress with flounces on the shoulders - a trend this season

This option is particularly cut dress original presentation and originality. How will form shuttlecocks in a particular moment - impossible to predict, because the resulting image will not look corny. When choosing a dress with flounces with open shoulders, you can be sure - this outfit is perfect for special occasions in the summer, warm season.

Dress with ruffles - feminine and stylish choice for every girl

The width of the drape in such a case may be very different, ranging from 5 cm or more. The main thing to take into account one thing: if the choice fell on a short dress, where shuttlecocks are located in the neck, the shape of the holders of the dress should be slim.

Long dress, cut with ruffles - feminine option for sophisticated fashionistas

Girls who prefer long dresses and skirts especially will like the dress with frills to the floor. Cut of dress is versatile: it can fit and full of girls, and thin. Also on long dresses shuttlecocks are located along the cleavage, however, there are also exclusive options, where this drape can be made and at the waist and a vertical line from the shoulder to the side. Such garments may be catering for specific outputs, and for ordinary summer walks. Dress with frill can be long cut maxi (Floor-length or so-called "in the field"), and to the ankle and - the most convenient option.

Dress with drape on one shoulder

Drapery, as mentioned earlier, can be placed in different ways in the most unexpected places, but if we talk about romantic and feminine variant, it is worth mentioning one shoulder options. Dress with a frill at the shoulders and asymmetrical cut on one side - the most common variant. The most popular colors for these dresses are considered shades of red, blue and white. As for the pictures of the dress, now at the peak of its popularity lace. Such inserts (contrasting with the color of the base material) look very romantic.

Dress with ruffles - feminine and stylish choice for every girl

Species flounces there are so many, and to determine what will be the future design of the dress, you need to learn how to make waves on the dress, what is its main feature and uniqueness.

Sew dress with beautiful ruffles

It is important to understand one very important characteristic of a drapery. Shuttlecock - a certain width of fabric strip, which excite itself. Wherein the inner edge of the flat and is sewn to the bottom of the dress, but the top of the wave.

Dress with ruffles - feminine and stylish choice for every girl

Get a cutting can only cut out a strip of cloth on special technology. The most commonly used technique, "donut", but the technique is used "spiral".

At two circles drawn tissue to form a bagel, which is then cut out and submitted to a strip with the waves. The main thing in this case, to calculate the size and diameter of the circle, to sew a beautiful dress with a frill at the shoulders. Plans for such a style usually contains all the mathematical calculations, but if you talk briefly about the size and radius, it will open a little secret. If the plateau region where the shuttlecock to be sewn, is 60 cm, and the length of the shuttle must be such. To do this, you need to draw a donut in the inner circle of 60 cm in length. Now that was calculated the size of the shuttle, and cut out a strip of drapery, it is just beautiful sew the rest of the dress with a flounce. Pattern, depending on the length of the dress will change, but finding a great option easily in the network.

The Internet clearly in the pictures presented as the simplest options (for 30 minutes of work), and complex design patterns, over which seriously have to work hard.

Small tips from great professionals

Wondering how to make a dress with flounces, you need to know that any new - this is a long-forgotten old. This is all to the fact that the shuttlecocks are strongly reminiscent of ruffles, but due to the special arrangement, greater width and new design ideas, they have regained their popularity among the masses. Choose the style of dress of the future with such fabrics, should take into account an additional amount, which will give these original ruffles.

Dress with ruffles - feminine and stylish choice for every girl

If you want to make a smooth shuttlecocks small, the radius of the inner circle should be large. If on the contrary, I want to get the maximum wave on the strips, it is necessary to select a small radius of the inner circle.

look great is easy, if you wear a dress with a special drapery

This season has pleased fashionistas really original and new design ideas. Inspired Ruffle Couturier came up with an entirely new version of draping, which again swept the fashion world. Long dresses, short cocktail with ruffles can choose any shape and physique, the more that pattern to such outfits simple. Get yourself a light, romantic and feminine dress can each, we can only take your measurements with the figures, consider a style with flounces and find some free time.