A resident of Poland went absolutely all the games for the NES console for three years

Well, when you have really a lot of free time that you can devote to anything. Why, though, and video games for an 8-bit video game console Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), known in our country under the guise of Taiwanese clone Dendy. Released in 1983, the prefix quickly won the hearts of tens of millions of gamers, so it was released just obscenely large number of games. A resident of Poland with Mexican roots Kuselchuk Peter Delgado decided on a crazy act: he had the courage to go completely all the games that were released for the NES.

A resident of Poland went absolutely all the games for the NES console for three years

Crusade of Peter against video games began in 2014 and runs until next Sunday. The list of games released for the NES, included 714 names, of which 679 went to the United States, and 35 games have appeared exclusively on European markets. During the establishment of his record, Peter was faced with another problem: what to do with the game, if you go through it from beginning to end is simply impossible? Well, have no rules of the game "total victory." In this case, an enthusiast just played it up as long as the game does not begin to repeat in a circle or just the player had nothing else to do there. The rest of the games were fairly passed from the beginning to the end, while the gameplay seen thousands of subscribers on channel Peter Twitch.

Different games require different amounts of Peter's time. For example, Championship Pool game he passed for 39 hours, and Ikari Warriors - 37. Famous for the West Q * Bert puzzle gamer robbed a total of 16 hours. Peter himself known on the Web as a big fan of the so-called "spidranov", that is, passes video game on speed. It was after he had just a few hours ran games like Contra and Battletoads, friends joke on him: maybe you do all 8-bit games will run? This thought haunted gamers, so something he decided on this kind of a record.

"At that moment I was like a child who suddenly decided to climb a huge mountain, all without considering the consequences of his decision. When I was somewhere fiftieth in a row game, then suddenly I realized that in order to achieve my goal may take years. But to give up and retreat it was too late "- reflects Peter Kuselchuk three years later.

Peter're just one game, which he is planning to go live on Twitch to Sunday 26 February. Doubt that he will succeed, no one else, so we can assume that this kind of record goal-oriented people still be able to put on a recent day. By the way, some hits for the NES, you too can remember right now. It is not so long ago, Nintendo has launched a fun tiny retro console NES Mini, in which the memory protection 30 gaming hits of the time, including Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and many others.