Pre-orders for solar roof Tesla will begin to collect in April

Last fall, Elon Musk said in one of his presentations that the company Tesla will begin selling solar panels for roofs that can completely replace traditional roofing materials, and simultaneously provide electricity for the home. The news caused the approval, but since then almost nothing was reported about it, just quietly and calmly went merger Tesla and SolarCity, after which Musk has confirmed that from the undertaking does not intend to give up, and its factories will produce roof according to the schedule.

Pre-orders for solar roof Tesla will begin to collect in April

Michael Halsey from Twitter had had enough, so he asked the Mask of how work is progressing.

We will begin taking orders in April - Asked by Elon Musk.

However, no details of the head of Tesla did not disclose. Price per square meter of roof is not yet known when the orders will be delivered to customers - too. Although Musk touch on issues of pricing even during the first presentation. Then he said that the cost the roof with solar panels will be about as usual.

Roof panels are not a mosaic, but constitute an integral structure. Just at the start of the four types of coverage will be available: textured glass, slate, tile and glass tile. Comprehensive solution to provide a home electricity through the development of the Tesla, is from themselves "tile" panels and energy storage.