How to save on public transport?

On myself, as they say, it is not taken to save money and on public transport - and why not. It does not always have the opportunity to travel by car and transport, although it is faster, does not always end up with a cheap means of transport. In such cases, no harm will be information about how to save on bus, tram or metro trips.

How to save on public transport?

Take the example of the metropolitan transport system. Yes, not all live in Moscow, but this city is visited by many people, having no idea that travel can be much cheaper. So, here are some simple examples and rules.

Do not buy one or two trips

We are talking about the ticket under the name "One" - it is often sold by public transport drivers. Many people think that if they need two trips, then do not buy more, and in fact with the average ticket cost of the trip is 55 rubles.

Use a card "Troika"

Another thing - to fill up "Troika" card balance. Buy it at any metro ticket office for 50 rubles (then come back and get the money back). One trip with the card costs 35 rubles for any mode of transport. Sufficient to put on the card, e.g., $ 100, and two trips to the subway, for example, the bus for 90 minutes at no cost 110 rubles, while only 54 rubles.

How to save on public transport?

It is noteworthy that all follow-up visits with a travel ticket for 90 minutes will be free.

Buy unlimited travel

This is the case if you need to travel a lot by public transport within 1-3 months. On a month ticket (by the way, is recorded on the card "Troika") will cost 2000 rubles, but at frequent movements the average cost of one trip is an incredibly competitive - about 8-10 rubles.

Get keshbek for the completion of the ticket

To the cost of travel was even lower, you can go on a little trick. For example, the smart card bank "Opening" allows you to receive 10% keshbeka in promokategorii - in April, this is just public transportation and refueling. An additional benefit - keshbeka 1% for all purchases (and 1, 5%, if the purchase of 30 000 rubles per month), and 7, 5% for the remainder of the Smart account opened with the card. Order cards by means of a mobile application for a couple of minutes and free delivery is available in one of 34 cities of Russia. By the way, if you earn 1, 5% keshbeka, Monthly purchases worth more than 30 thousand rubles, and card is free.

How to save on public transport?

The application itself (that is, by the way, the universal link on iOS and Android) are incredibly tech. After activating the card you will have access to all functions: you can free to deposit funds with the cards of other banks to follow the free removal, keshbekom, fulfillment of conditions for the free service and to track spending on the card, change the PIN code and card lock / unlock it.

How to save on public transport?

And then there are a variety of services to pay no commission, favorable currency conversion, transfer customers, "Discovery" on a phone number, and other banks for card number, favorite payment templates, support for Apple Pay, to pay a smartphone or a clock, a quick chat with friendly support and many other features. On hikes in the office of the bank can be completely forgotten.

How to save on public transport?

These simple tips will help you minimize the cost of public transport. Even if you do not live in Moscow, the same Smart Card will be useful in any city, because of its privileges and opportunities are not limited to the capital alone.