Russian scientists have successfully completed experiments on the destruction of cancer using proton

The fight against cancer has been more and more scientists around the world. new treatments and improving existing ones are constantly being developed. And recently, according to the domestic edition of "Biophysics", Russian scientists were able to successfully complete a series of experiments for the destruction of cancer using proton beams. In addition, experts have managed to show that this method is much more efficient and safer than conventional radiotherapy.

Russian scientists have successfully completed experiments on the destruction of cancer using proton

The use of proton therapy instead of the standard radiation being actively discussed in the international community over the last decade. Protons, unlike electrons or gamma-radiation are more "sighting" and less affect normal tissue when subjected to swelling, which allows their use to combat brain cancer, bone and other organs, surgical treatment which is extremely difficult. The only problem is the high cost of the procedure, since its implementation requires a particle accelerator. It tells the employee of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences in Pushchino Olga Rozanova,

"Proton therapy, we hope, will be effective in the treatment of radioresistant cancers, localized close to important organs. These include, above all, the tumor in the neck and brain. This type of cancer often sick children. "

A group of scientists headed by Svetlana Zaichkina ITEB of the Russian Academy of Sciences conducted a series of experiments on mice with cancer. Experts mice irradiated with protons using a complex "Prometheus", created by scientists from the Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Protvino, changing the number of proton therapy sessions, the duration of exposure and the power of the beam. During the research we found out that even brief exposure session, a beneficial effect on the health of the mice - the growth of tumors in their body, on average 5-6 times slower. It works best "sighting" proton therapy directed only at the tumor - in this case more than 80% of the rodents got rid of the primary cancer. Mice whose body is irradiated with a broad beam of particles, only 45% of cases were able to cope with the tumor. It is worth noting that after getting rid of primary cancers was not possible to avoid the recurrence of tumors: 60% of the mice were cured after some time there were new tumors. However, mice that were irradiated with protons more precisely, lived three months longer than their relatives, and the animals that did not have relapses, lived for about two years. So much in the middle and live a healthy mouse.

On the basis of this conclusion was made that proton therapy is more efficient and faster than conventional radiotherapy, especially if you limit its effect only within the area of ​​the tumor itself. In addition, high efficiency of protons action suggests that the treatment can be limited to two or even one session. This will reduce its costs and help save the lives of patients with brain tumors or other inoperable tumors.

Based on the materials of RIA "Novosti"