Android Pay in Russia: all we need to know

At the beginning of this week were observed interesting processes in the Russian Internet: in the application "Aeroexpress" for Android were hints at Android Pay support, users Android 7.0 and newer steel to be notified about the availability of Google payment system from the company, but to add a bank card, no one did not work. Now it is already possible to speak as a fait accompli: Android Pay officially earned in Russia. Let's see how you can enjoy all the delights of this technology from the "good of the corporation".

Android Pay in Russia: all we need to know

First, you need to make sure that your smartphone supports NFC and is powered by a compatible version of Android. Google's billing system can run on devices based on Android 4.4 KitKat and newer. In addition, use Android Pay may be the owners of handheld gadgets, if running an operating system Android Wear 2.0 We do on their device.

It is noteworthy that, unlike Apple Pay, Android Pay requires no presence in the smartphone fingerprint scanner. If your unit is not equipped with such a scanner, you can carry out authentication using a PIN code or a graphical password. Payment can be done not only in physical stores, but also on Google Play, as well as in compatible applications and games. By the way, if you want to go shopping in the offline store, you can even search for specific labels: Android Pay works on all terminals with contactless payment and does not require specific protocols. One of the first in Russia to support Android Pay boasted popular among our readers "Roketbank" technology, which is characterized by a modern approach to customer service. The bank is part of the financial group "Discovery", which inspires confidence and gives reason to recommend it to friends.

Why we recommend to use Android Pay is from "Roketbanka"? Mainly due to more favorable conditions. For example, customers may withdraw cash without commission all over the world, to get 7, 5% per annum on the balance of any amount (whether 1 million rubles or rubles). In addition, the card service for free, but cash back is back with every purchase, which reaches 10 percent.

If you already have a card "Roketbank" smartphone on Android, we recommend adding the card in Android Pay and enjoy shopping. And if you have not brought it - it's time to do it now register for this link and get the card bonus of 500 rubles.