"Ketoconazole" (shampoo): reviews, prices, application

Under the negative impact of various external and internal factors often get hair and scalp. The first sign of trouble - dandruff. Return the head of hair a healthy appearance will help pharmacy means "Ketoconazole" (shampoo). Antifungal save not only on symptoms but also on the pathogen unpleasant phenomenon.


The main active component - ketoconazole - is an effective antifungal agent. It destroys pathogenic cells, not allowing them to fully develop. Shampoo includes 2% of the active component. This amount is sufficient to prevent white "flakes" and the destruction of the fungus.

Anti-dandruff shampoo "ketoconazole" antibacterial ingredient comprises - zinc (Zn 2+). He detrimental effect on Pityrosporum ovale (fungus), clears the dermis of sebum, relieves itching and soothes irritation. In addition, trace element plays an important role in hair growth.

Zinc and enhances the action of ketoconazole natural component thyme (thyme). Beauty and hair strength it was used back in the old days. Grass has an antibacterial effect, the function normalizes the sebaceous glands, capable of eliminating peeling, and itching of the skin of the head.

As a means of acting?

The developer of anti-dandruff zinc is a pharmaceutical company "Elf." Production ( "Ketoconazole" shampoo) has proved its effectiveness and successfully cope with the cause of dandruff. Antifungal action extends to dermatophytes (Trichophyton sp., Microsporum sp., Epidermophyton sp.,) And yeast (Candida sp., Malassezia furfur). means components gently cleanse the hair, the dermis, while adjusting with the secret production. Hair shampoo after application becomes smooth and manageable. In order to avoid "withdrawal syndrome" and prevent the return of dandruff, experts recommend the use of a neutral "Ketoconazole" - shampoo, zinc which included missing. The tool is designed to normalize the microflora of the skin of the head after treatment of dandruff. Its composition included hydrolyzate of milk proteins and fruit acid to exfoliate and updating the upper layer of the dermis. An advantage is the absence of harmful lauret- and sodium lauryl sulphate.


The main objective is to shampoo anti-fungal, provokes the appearance of dandruff. Neutral shampoo has a favorable effect on sensitive skin, reduces inflammation (redness), irritation. It is recommended to use as a prevention of dandruff, to strengthen the hair.

"Ketoconazole" (shampoo with zinc) is designed for treatment of the following pathologies of hair and scalp:

  • Atopic dermatitis.
  • Dandruff (dry, oily).
  • Pityriasis versicolor.
  • Seborrhea.
  • The fungal infection of the skin.
  • Staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus.
  • Diffuse hair loss.


To treat dandruff "Ketoconazole" (shampoo) should be used 2-3 times a week (course - 14 days). A small amount is applied to the wet scalp massage. Start with the root zone, gradually moving on the entire length of hair. After the first application need shampoo rinse. The second time the means recommended to rub into the scalp and leave for a few minutes. Medicated shampoo is rinsed with plenty of water.

In the course of treatment can be rotated anti-dandruff shampoo with a neutral. This will help avoid dryness of the dermis and make hair more manageable.

"Ketoconazole" (shampoo): reviews

A pharmaceutical product really lives up to the hopes and eliminates dandruff. This is confirmed by numerous positive recommendations and reviews of consumers. Shampoo helps to get rid of the fungus and the constant itching of the scalp. The benefits of the drug include his unobtrusive odor, economical consumption (foaming agent well), long-term effect, "a fresh head." In rare cases, the use of the drug does not bring the expected result and can cause minor side effects. This is due to the sensitivity and intolerant active ingredients. Therefore, before applying important to read the instructions to medicated shampoos.

When you use it in a duet with a neutral means of hair does not need additional washing cosmetic shampoos and balms. As a preventive agent can be used without zinc. Reviews indicate that the shampoo is suitable for daily use (non-addictive). Soft base therapeutic agent does not contain dyes. "Ketoconazole" - shampoo, which price is 180-200 rubles. It has a slightly more expensive counterparts.

Adverse events

"Ketoconazole" - shampoo, which usually does not cause any allergic reactions, since the active ingredient is not absorbed into the bloodstream. If you are sensitive skin sometimes appear redness, itching, dandruff amount increases. The clinical effect may be absent altogether if the etiology of dandruff is not covered by the indications for the use of funds.

Analogues shampoo

To get rid of dandruff, there are many different tools, but each of them can cure the fungus - the main cause of the white "flakes."

In the pharmacies you can buy these shampoos for scalp treatment on the basis of ketoconazole:

  1. "Nizoral" - well-known anti-fungal agent used for the treatment and prevention of dandruff. The main difference from the means of "Ketoconazole" (shampoo) - the price. The cost of "Nizoral" varies from 540 to 650 rubles.
  2. "Keto-Plus" - an effective therapeutic shampoo that helps get rid of seborrhea, dandruff and fungus. The facility also refers to costly. Per pack of 60 ml to pay 570-700 rubles.
  3. "Sebozol" - has been proven and is an antifungal agent. Reviews say that to get rid of dandruff with shampoo can be within 1 month of application. The cost of the vial (100 ml) - 300-400 rub.
  4. "Mikozoral" - an inexpensive way to combat fungus and dandruff on the basis of ketoconazole. The effectiveness of the drug is not inferior to peers. Bottle of 60 ml cost 180-230 rub.