Square face - what to choose a hairstyle

Every girl, choosing a hairstyle, experiencing some difficulties, because to pick up individual styling is very difficult. The biggest problem is considered to be an oval face. Depending on its shape will always be chosen hairstyle, and most importantly in this case - to properly assess the quality of his face, his awkwardness, advantages and disadvantages. Only a complete and self-assessment will help to understand what hairstyle must be chosen to mask the disadvantages of an oval face and highlight its advantages. Since there are several types of ovals: elongated, triangular, square, round, for each option has its own hair. Of course, not every girl before you change yourself, trying to identify their problem or, on the contrary, primary zone. Sometimes the desire for change is energized just a fashion trend, but it is a profound mistake. When choosing a suitable form of hairstyles should take into account only the individual characteristics. But some styling and haircuts should choose the girls with a square type of face?

Square face - what to choose a hairstyle

Square Face - an occasion for interesting packings

Any shape of the face has a number of special characteristics. For example, a girl with a square-shaped face has a strong jaw. Visually, it appears that it is rectangular. Cheeks are clearly expressed, but chin is pulled, but on the contrary, has no acute angle. The shape of the forehead is also distinguished by its rectangular. It turns out that the very shape of the face looks very powerful and therefore perceived is always difficult and surly. That's why girls who have a square face, you need to mitigate such angular features, and properly chosen hairstyle can completely solve the problem and make the appearance of a softer, lighter and flying. But what forms of packings should be chosen and what hairstyle is better to use the owners of an angular face shape?

Options hairstyles

Hairstyles for square face are selected on the same principle - to soften the angular shape, using strands that will frame the cheekbones and partially lean on his cheeks. To pick up a stylish option worth considering popular options of hairstyles and avoid mistakes popular hairdressers. What should be avoided?

  1. can not complement the hairstyle sharp angular lines (jagged bangs short length).
  2. Bob to the chin of the same length.
  3. Short haircuts pixie.

All that can make an oval face more acute, should be avoided, otherwise the look will be even more aggravating circumstances.

Perfect hairstyle for a square face: oblique, elongated bob, asymmetrical haircuts, hairstyles with bangs to the side.

Square face - what to choose a hairstyle

Oblique or elongated bean - give preference to this embodiment,

Square face very specific, hard, rough, so girls should avoid angular, but smooth bangs or precise angles of a haircut. Everything should be smooth and soft, and oblique or elongated Bob - this is a great option for this. The peculiarity of this hairstyle is that it is done in such a way that at the top creates a large amount, and the tips themselves graded or milled. This softens the angular facial features and makes them smoother and elongated shape of the face up, and what you want to achieve when choosing a hairstyle.

Square face - what to choose a hairstyle

Asymmetrical haircuts - perfect for square-shaped persons

Girls who have a square face, you can not use a symmetrical haircut, especially quads. These forms are only added to the angularity of the jaw and make especially powerful. If you do not want to use the classic options, including bean, you can try just asymmetrical haircuts. Hairstyle with hair always look unusual, but to get a haircut for a square face with smooth lines, you need to choose the length of their right. It is recommended to choose one side of not higher than the level of the chin and the other as long as possible. This ensures accurate laying softening line this square face. Very stylish hairstyle will look great with fleece on top.

Hairstyles with bangs to the side

Haircuts for square face in any case should not open the entire face, otherwise it will be perceived even harder than it was before. That's why the girls who leave the bangs, it is necessary to select the correct length and shape. Its irregular shape - either direct or oblique - could seriously aggravate the situation, because its shape is required to change to something smooth and slightly framing her forehead - diagonal slant. The square shape of the face and looks so "short", and visually it is necessary to pull, so you can use only the bangs to the side.

Square face - what to choose a hairstyle

Direct smooth bangs - this is the biggest mistake. Use haircuts with straight bangs girls with a square face shape is by no means impossible. In this case, bangs to the side, too, can take very different appearance: milled, calibrated, done in mixed media. The square shape of the face with such small details will become smooth lines, the main thing - to add volume on top to create the hairstyle or use locks that will frame the facial features.

Interesting hairstyles

When it is determined what a haircut for a square face will be in the future, it remains to choose a form of hairstyles. Very stylish and elegant look curled ringlets on these girls. To do this, do hair should gently frame the cheekbones and lean lightly on the cheek to cover the face angularity. Another very interesting option hairstyles - it kosopletenie. In this case, it will be very interesting to watch, "French waterfall", which also involves the curled ringlets.

Naturally, this is laying on medium length hair. If you want to experiment, you can try and asymmetrical haircuts make such kosopletenie. Bangs for square face is always selected individually, and to choose a hairstyle for a hairstyle with bangs, it is important to consider the position of the front strands to bang not remained "separated" from the rest of the head and looked harmoniously.

Square face - what to choose a hairstyle

What are choosing stars of show business

Many girls watching not only for themselves, but also the trends in the world that make our fashion world in a different, more elegant and stylish. Girl, actress and a pop diva with a square face shape choose hairstyles that will just soften the oval. Bob haircut - this is the most practical and correct version of her hairdressers may come up with a lot of very different hair styling options, but remains a favorite hairstyle with curls.

Square face - what to choose a hairstyle

Also, no less relevant today remain among the celebrities asymmetrical haircuts and styling at such hair. The square shape of the face - this is not a reason to abandon the original and interesting hairstyles. The most important thing in this issue - it is individual approach to the choice of hairstyle. Of course, it is better to entrust it to a professional hairdresser who at first glance may identify problem areas face. If this is not possible, it is well worth to peruse the information on options for haircuts and hairstyles for a square face to determine your perfect option.