Playground - haircut for real men

Modern fashion offers a variety of hairstyles for men. However, most mature, self-confident members of the stronger sex attracted classic, simple but spectacular hairstyles. For example, a "playground" - haircut time-tested and can not be criticized.

Playground - haircut for real men

hairstyles Characteristics

Due to strict silhouette and clear lines haircut helps to create the image of a brutal, courageous men. Her preferred representatives of different professions. For it is easy to look after, depending on the situation can be different stack. Many well-known personalities, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Arnold Schwarzenegger has long favored this form. "Golf" - haircut is quite complicated to implement and requires a high level of skill. Not every barber takes up such a complicated job. To create this hairstyle suited not all hair types. The main requirement - a tough, thick head of hair, which has a specific growth angle. Otherwise it will require daily hair styling with a hair dryer and brush, as well as large amounts of styling means.

Playground - haircut for real men

Types of "platform"

Feature shearing is to reduce the "no" hair temporal and occipital areas. Thus strands parietal zone length of not more than 5 cm. It clearly shorn by predetermined lines and fit in perfectly flat "platform." "Golf" - haircut capricious, requires certain skills from both the master and the owner. But, fortunately, there are other, less demanding options for hairstyles. This "square", "beaver" and "tennis". Since the "platform" is laconic and does not require a great length of the hair, its variations are very similar to each other. In each of the proposed forms to cut your hair very short at the temples and at the crown saved the maximum amount. Wear these hairstyles can not strictly stacking up, and one side or in a direction away from the face. "Golf" - haircut suitable is not for everyone, but its varieties to face almost all men. This applies particularly to the stronger sex with a square, oval and round type of person. For example, a movie actor Brad Pitt has long favored hairstyle "tennis".

Playground - haircut for real men

Application Method

haircuts form makes high demands on the quality of hair. If they meet all the stated conditions, the problems with the laying does not occur. Enough wash and comb hair in the desired direction. But haircut "playground" attracts men with a different hair type. Those who choose not to abandon this hairstyle no matter what, must arm styling products and hair dryer. It is possible to use mousse and lacquer strong fixation. The foam is applied to wet hair. Then hair is dried in a direction from the face and is fixed with varnish.

If you prefer another option - "tennis" or "quads", then you can afford to experiment, creating any installation. For daring image, you can put the hair of the parietal area using wax with a matte effect. For a more low-key style will be appropriate on any side brushed the top strand, recorded after the gel.

Playground - haircut for real men


This is a haircut "platform"?

This strict and conservative haircut, do not offer to the owner of extravagant and unusual details. It looks stylish, bright, with simple. It gives the image of a business, a serious mood, emphasizes individuality and style. This embodiment has a shearing certain age limit. It looks spectacular and appropriate to young, active men than elderly. Not to face it, and round-faced, stout man with a short neck. In this case the shape of a poor appearance and accentuate the flaws give the image of a ridiculous appearance.

Nowadays haircut "playground" (photo presented in the article) is less conservative, since it allows different types of installation. A striking example of singer Justin Bieber. He wears this form with longer hair on top (5 cm) and puts a number of ways.

Modern "playground"

In 2015, all the classics are also relevant. The trend of geometrical figures, adjusted in line haircut, complemented by creative designs and unusual styling. Despite the fact that the "playground" - haircut for men, charismatic, self-assured, according to stylists it is possible and necessary to diversify to get a modern image. Then it will become relevant everywhere: on vacation, at the office, out on a date. Conciseness and rigor of this form is supplemented by laying unkempt, disheveled bangs elongated or shaved parting. The result is a courageous, stylish and strictly. This embodiment allows a good hairstyle correct irregular shape of the head. But, as in the classic version, it requires a hard and thick hair.

Choosing a hairstyle "playground", keep in mind that it is not suitable for all men. Before you decide, be sure to consult with an experienced master and weigh the pros and cons.