Tesla expands the boundaries and build Gigafactory plant in China

Rumors that the company Tesla wants to develop cooperation with China and to build in this country a plant for the production of electric cars, go on the Web all week. First reported by the Chinese edition of China Daily, later joined by Bloomberg and Reuters. Now, information has been officially confirmed. Tesla actually in talks with China's local government structures on the construction megazavoda Gigafactory.

Tesla expands the boundaries and build Gigafactory plant in China

At the request of the portal Electrek comment on the situation, as well as to describe the potential of building a Chinese factory Gigafactory company representatives said the following:

"The company Tesla is working with the leadership of Shanghai Municipality on the issue of considering the possibility of construction of production facilities in the region for the China market. As we mentioned earlier, we are going to form a more clear plans on production in China by the end of this year.

Tesla is very interested in the Chinese market, and we continue to develop our production capacity around the world to support and other local markets. "

The precise details of the deal between Tesla and the Chinese government are still under wraps, however, as pointed out by China Daily and Bloomberg, the necessary papers were signed on Thursday. It is no secret that the company wants to build a few more of its ultra-modern factories Gigafactory, and China as one of the first goals are best suited. According to the report the agency LMC Automotive Consulting Shanghai, in the period from 2015 to 2016 Tesla car sales increased by 181, 7 percent. Last year, China was delivered 10 399 electric cars of the company that has brought her more than $ 1 billion in revenue. With the ability to release its electric vehicles directly in China, Tesla can avoid the obligation to pay 25 per cent tax on imports, which she has to pay now. Despite the expansion of the boundaries of the company, however, said that the main production Tesla cars will continue to be focused directly on the United States.

"We expect that a larger volume of our cars will be able to keep within the United States. However, we would like to develop other areas to make our cars as accessible as possible, and in other markets. "

The building permit environmentally friendly megazavoda Gigafactory in China only has once again become a direct evidence of the government's desire to find solutions to the current extremely adverse environmental conditions. Currently in China, there is a real boom in interest in renewable energy. Yes, so that the country became the largest solar energy producer in the world. In some of the key cities in China increased interest in electric vehicles, this transport are introduced benefits. And the presence here also Tesla factory hardened country's position with regard to the fight against climate change.