The accident with the autopilot Tesla led to the company's shares fall

Wrong something in the Tesla-kingdom - the company's shares fell sharply after the complaint of one of the car owners. Dave Clark from Minnesota told police that after activating the driver assistance functions of his car in 2016 release overclocked, slid off the road and landed in a swamp. The driver "autopilot grateful for the fact that no one was seriously hurt."

The accident with the autopilot Tesla led to the company's shares fall

As a result of the accident the car overturned, and Clark and four passengers adulthood suffered minor injuries. At the moment, Tesla establishes all the details of what happened and is actively working with local authorities. Now the company is trying to determine if the autopilot - in his innocence until she has no doubts. According to a study of the National road safety management, autopilot company reduces accidents by 40%.

Shares of the company after it became aware of the incident, fell 4, 4%. In New York, they were trading at a price of 319, 02 dollars per share. In June, Tesla's share price rose to 357 dollars. It was connected with the launch of production of Model 3, also staffed autopilot. As it turned out, the state police received a letter from the driver of the car in which he said that he is aware of its responsibility for the management when the autopilot - Tesla carefully trying not to "overstate expectations" drivers who trust it. The driver was thrilled after the accident, but was not going to blame the autopilot function in an accident.

"As far as I can remember, I turned on the autopilot function, but then turn it off by pressing on the gas pedal. I remember that then I saw a sharp turn to the left, to which I was racing. I am confident that we have begun to enter the turn, but then I felt the car went off the road, and if we started driving on loose gravel, - said Clark. - The next thing I remember - as tall grass hits the windshield, and we go at an odd angle in a ditch. Then the machine rolls onto his right side and then turned upside down. "

Clark said that "truly grateful for Tesla features to ensure safety." According to him, thanks to them, he and his passengers were not serious injuries.