Modeling of eyebrows. What is different from the simulation of eyebrow correction?

Make-up artists say that the bad eyebrows can ruin even the most skilful make-up. Therefore, taking care of their beauty, it is important not to forget to do modeling eyebrows. Choose the desired shape by yourself is not easy, because you need to take into account many factors: the proportions of the face, the eyes, the natural growth of hair, fashion trends. However, armed with the right information, all can learn. So how do you make your own eyebrows?

Modeling of eyebrows. What is different from the simulation of eyebrow correction?

Select the correct form of

In the same way as a haircut and make-up, to start to pick up the necessary form to determine the worth of an oval face and evaluation of its proportions. The main task in this case - a visually correct all defects, to balance the available features, highlight the merits. The important factor here - and fashion trends, but they are not fundamental, but by experienced makeup artists are always trying to take them into account.

Modeling of eyebrows for each entity has its own nuances. So, working with a square type, one must strive to soften a sharp chin and prominent cheekbones. In this case the appropriate semicircular, with a graceful bend line average thickness.

When a round face the main task - visually narrow it. To do this his eyebrows should have features the broken line, it is not very sharp, but expressive.

For correcting triangular shape fit almost straight edge with a slight curve. Avoid sharp corners.

Modeling of eyebrows for oval face is easiest to perform, as there could be no such categorical options as above. Suitable can be straight or curved with expressive shaped "wing swallow". Effectively will look with a small semi-circular area. However, it all depends on the individual proportions and overall style.

Modeling of eyebrows. What is different from the simulation of eyebrow correction?

Basic rules when working with the eyebrows

  • To correct use good tweezers with slightly rounded tips. Quality tool should not break the hairs.
  • The hands before the procedure, wash with soap and water, wipe the tweezers with alcohol.
  • During the procedure the skin on the treated area lightly with your fingers to stretch.
  • Eyebrow modeling is performed from the inside to the outside of the eyebrows.
  • When sensitive skin may be applied to products containing benzocaine. They are well anesthetized.
  • In most cases, after the correction must perform staining.
  • To maintain results, use a fixing gels, pencils, shadows.
Modeling of eyebrows. What is different from the simulation of eyebrow correction?

How to make the shape of eyebrows independently?

eyebrow line must begin and end strictly at certain points. To define it, we can use a pencil. You simply apply it along the wing of the nose and find the point of intersection with the eyebrow. This is the beginning point. The tip is determined in the same way just a pencil must be applied at an angle to the line of his passes through the outer corner of the eye. Place intersection eyebrow pencil and should be considered an extreme form of a point. All the hairs that are located outside the marked places, you want to delete.

How to make the shape of eyebrows, to make it look fashionable and modern? It is important to identify their highest point, the bending place. It is determined by applying the pencil to the edge of the lips and then is not directed through the center of the pupil, and on the edge of the iris to the intersection with the eyebrow. The resulting corner is the site of the fracture. Thus, the result would be not only proportionate, but also relevant to the present day.

Modeling of eyebrows. What is different from the simulation of eyebrow correction?


There are three techniques eyebrow tinting. Many makeup artists are arguing about which of them is more suitable for everyday wear, and using what should be done. Some believe that with a pencil the result is unnatural, others opt for colored gels or shade. The right eyebrow and technology staining are selected individually. Much depends on the density of the hair, make-up, hair color.

The first technique: the most common and natural. When using any of the pigment (shadows, pencil, gel) filled in the inner space of the eyebrows and shaded gently. It gives a person the freshness and youth.

The second technique: pencil or shadow drawn graphically clear brow. Without shading. This option gives rigor and emphasizes facial wrinkles.

The third technique: mixed. Neat, right eyebrow is most easily done with it. It fits like a pencil or gel or shade. Start eyebrows soft, feathered. A middle and an end a clear and graphic quality.

Important: When tinting must always be guided by the inner eye corner.

Modeling of eyebrows. What is different from the simulation of eyebrow correction?

at home Correction and coloring of

Eyebrow care includes not only giving them a beautiful shape, but also follow a regular correction and color. Many girls who take care of eyebrows, sometimes there is a question: "What is the difference from the simulation of eyebrow correction?". The answer is very simple: if you've never plucked eyebrows, the first procedure is to create a new form called modeling. The same goes for those who are not engaged in a long time, and they lost the original shape. A correction - a neat appearance maintenance and removal of superfluous hair, eyebrows violating outline. Staining is easy to perform, even at home. There are a lot of good colors, complete with that comes all the necessary equipment: a bowl, a stick, an oxidant, and a coloring pigment itself. Hue selected on a simple principle - it should be lighter on one or two levels of natural color of hair. Then the result is natural. The packaging of paint has detailed instructions, which shows all the nuances of the product and the exposure time.

Eyebrow modeling courses

Currently, there are a lot of one-day courses, which are taught modeling, correction and coloring eyebrows. Traditionally, the program includes theory and a practical part. Provided for testing the model. Conduct such workshops in beauty salons and hairdressing training studios. Longer training can take place in makeup schools. It is also possible to pass an online training and receive an electronic certificate.

Learn how to draw and to paint the eyebrows under the force of each girl. The main thing - a bit of practice, patience, and all must succeed.