Elon Musk: Our Tesla Semi «will make your brain!"

Promised the October demonstration Tesla truck fell through due to a number of reasons, so we had to carry it for a couple of weeks. But because of this transfer was a lot of interesting things. For example, someone nafotografiroval supposedly ready the truck and put the pictures on the Web. Now Musk promised nothing more to carry and appointed a new presentation date - November 16th.

Elon Musk: Our Tesla Semi «will make your brain!

Announcement Elon Musk made on Twitter, where he wrote that the new truck that Tesla will show the other day, "explode the brain and will carry it into a parallel dimension."

For official information about the technical features of the truck, all of them are kept secret, so nothing other than a couple of pictures taken surreptitiously and ten renderings, by Thursday, we will not see.

Nevertheless Musk has repeatedly stressed that his team the strength to create a powerful and modern truck that can drive through long distances.