What is the diameter of a basketball hoop?

Basketball - this is a game with the ball, which appeared in Massachusetts. The weather here is very unstable, so wanted a game that could be held indoors. Feature of the game is that players need to show their agility, threw the ball in the ring with a grid, located at a height of three meters.

Features of the Rings

At every playground should be two rings of the same size. The thickness of the hoop can not exceed two centimeters. The traditional basketball hoop diameter - 45 cm, which is sufficient for the passage of the ball. Cart is also equipped with a mesh that is securely fixed. Ring with a grid is placed on a special plate that is remote from the ground three meters. It is very important that the basket is well fastened to the shield, as is often the players during the game jumping and hang on it because of what it can break. Due to this, it is able to withstand a load up to 82 kg.

The maximum diameter of the basketball ring - 45, 7 mm. But this is not its only feature. His painted in bright red color, the player is well seen in the implementation of its cast. All basketball players need to have high growth. Otherwise they would not be able to hit the target, because the ring is usually located at a height of three meters above the ground.

What is the diameter of a basketball hoop?

Shield Height

The height of the basketball hoop is 3, 05 meters from the ground. With an average growth is unlikely to be able to get him the ball. Therefore, special racks are installed in schools, through which you can adjust the height on which the basket. Himself shield mounted at a height of three meters. The ring is mounted just above - hence there are 5 cm high. Shield is required in order to beat off the ball from him and again got to the playground.

What is the diameter of a basketball hoop?

Basketball ring, made with his own hands

Most people are made in-house ring for basketball, which are established in the country or even at home. Because the game attracts all, regardless of age. To make a basket at home, you must consider the size of a basketball hoop. In addition, it should be to get all the materials. This thick wire and the rope. If there are no wires, you can use the old halahup. It must be cut, cut to the desired size (diameter basketball ring must be of 45 cm), and after - reconnect. Making a ring of the wire should be used instead something template (some cylindrical vessel shape), and around which the wire must be wound.

What is the diameter of a basketball hoop?

The diameter of a basketball hoop, made at home, should be only a few centimeters more than the ball diameter. After that, you need to take a rope and cut it into 20 pieces of equal length. They must be attached to a metal ring. Then it is necessary to connect the two ends are near the ropes around the ring. Secure shopping cart should be well, that it has not fallen off after hitting the ball.

The advantages of a self-made ring for basketball

Run a basketball hoop with his hands will have no difficulty. However, many people are thinking, what is better: bought or created yourself? Of course, to do something with their hands - it's always nice. However, this requires materials, spare time. And in general, you must learn how to work with welding to connect the ring. If this is difficult for you, it is better to buy a basket from trusted manufacturers.

It is important that the basketball hoop was a quality that it has served more than one game. After all feature basketball is just a basket ball, placed above ground, so her choice or manufacturing should be given special attention.