Performed the first surgery with the use of 3D-printing

On the application of three-dimensional printing in medical practice has been long, and on this subject conducted many experimental studies. And, as reported by the portal editors Shina Plus is, on the basis of Chongqing city hospitals in China, 84-year-old patient for the first time in the world had a unique operation with the use of 3D-printing technology.

Performed the first surgery with the use of 3D-printing

The use of new technology, Chinese scientists have found in the operation to the human knee, suffering from arthritis. According to statistics, the incidence of arthritis in older people aged 50 to 59 years up to today 62%. And at this point in the later stages of the disease the only salvation is a complete replacement of the damaged joint, but it is not always effective. According to Professor Yan Liu,

"Total Knee Replacement - the most effective way to treat late-stage arthritis, as this can reduce the pain of patients and improve their quality of life, but there may be defects in the bones around the joint due to postoperative infections or for other reasons. Their shape varies greatly, and the existing methods do not allow to correct these defects. "

Therefore, in order to avoid complications, 84-year old patient at the knee defect filled with a rare metal tantalum. It is often used in dental and surgical implants, however, an alloy with titanium as the metal itself is used often has a high melting temperature.

porous tantalum in the form of special "pillows" has been designed to overcome this limitation. They were designed and printed individually to the patient with the help of computer-aided design and high-precision 3D-printing. The assurances of experts, such an operation is carried out more easily, and the patient is already on the first day could freely move his foot.