Fans of fitness from the US have developed a "smart" hulahup with achivki

You know exactly that it was time to lose weight if you just wrap. Good, but a bit of a sad joke, right? Especially when you consider that the spring has come. However, not all that bad, because before the beach season still plenty of time, so you can still have time to get in shape. For example, using "smart" hulahupa.

Fans of fitness from the US have developed a

The guys have already made the first batch of these hoops and brought to the Mobile World Congress, showing the device in action. VHOOP equipped with a motion sensor, which helps the user to monitor the intensity of the workouts in real time, sending the results to the application Companion installed on your smartphone owner.

The app will not only set the individual program, but also calculates important parameters, such as, for example, the amount of burned calories in the course of employment, duration of training, the number of turns that the user has made over a certain period of time. And for those who this is not enough, developers laid up a few surprises, making the usual sports activities in a fun competition, adding to the application statistics, leaderboards and trophies.

Fans of fitness from the US have developed a

Hulahup very light but durable - it consists of polypropylene and elastomer shell, it weighs the same device a little more than a kilogram. And most importantly, that he was folding and consists of eight segments, so it is very convenient to carry on training and to collect on the spot. Pre-orders are already open on Indiegogo, and the first batch of devices, developers are planning to send in April. Buy VHOOP it's only a $ 79 discount for the spring.

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