Sergei Ryzhikov: football biography

Sergey Ryzhikov - Russian soccer goalie, two-time winner of the national championship in football, a member of the national team. For many years he has been a permanent leader and the main goalkeeper, "Rubin", having played a significant role in the major victories of the Kazan club.

Sergei Ryzhikov: football biography

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Link to the game in goal in football appeared in the teenage years. Sergey Ryzhikov went to the football section in his native town of Shebekino, which is located in Belgorod region. I start to play in midfield, but very quickly retrained at the goalkeeper, and this role has not changed already had. Great influence on him in choosing his place on the field, by his own admission a football player was Alex Polyakov - another famous native of Shebekino, played for Moscow "Locomotive", Samara "Wings of the Soviets" and the national team of Uzbekistan.

Ryzhikov first professional club was the Belgorod "Salute", who played in those years in the Second Division. Due to the financial turmoil in the team-based goalkeeper was already at 18 years of age. In 1999, he and his team flew to the amateur league, which spent two seasons.

After that, I hit the note management Ramenskoye "Saturn" after spending two seasons in the second team of the club. Already there he showed his leadership qualities, Sergei Ryzhikov got the captain's armband.

The debut in the Premier League

In 2004 Ryzhikov first played in the match Major League national championship. As part of "Saturn", he went into the match against Permian "Amkar". However, to gain a foothold in a part failed and the following year moved to the capital "Locomotive".

Sergei Ryzhikov: football biography

to gain experience of the young goalkeeper was sent to the rent in Makhachkala, "Anji". Dagestnatsy played in the First Division. For the first time Sergey Viktorovich Ryzhikov showed himself as a professional. For the season he spent 39 games in the field, which missed 40 goals. "Anji" showed volatile game, finishing only 11th place in the same year. According to the results of the season, fans have recognized Ryzhikov best of the season.

Dagestan after a voyage back to the goalkeeper, "Locomotive", which turned out to be just number three, spending a season is only two games. In 2007, the football player went on loan again - this time in Tomsk "Tom". In the 5 matches for the club, he missed 3 goals.

Ryzhikov in the "Ruby"

In 2008, Sergei Ryzhikov got in Kazan, "Ruby" and acts on this team so far. From the first match the athlete ranked in the base, at the start of the season by giving an amazing series - two missed goals in 7 matches, with one of them from the penalty spot. Confident game goalkeeper at the last line was one of the keys to the success of Kazan. Having won 18 victories in 30 matches, they are the first in the history of Russian became champions. CSKA finished second behind with 4 points.

Sergei Ryzhikov: football biography

The brilliant success could be repeated the following year. And the most reliable player in the championship became Sergey Ryzhikov. Goalkeeper 30 games missed only 21 goals and 16 matches defended "at zero".

Victory in the national championship was accompanied by performances in the Champions League. In the season of 2009/2010 "Ruby" was in a group with the Spanish "Barcelona", the Italian "Inter" and Ukrainian "Dynamo". Starting with failures in Kiev (defeat 1: 3) and a draw with Milan "Inter" (1: 1), "Ruby" confidently held matches against formidable "Barcelona". First gained a sensational victory at the "Camp Nou" - 2: 1, and then played a home draw 0: 0. But losses at the start and uncertain play with people of Kiev (the second match ended again 0: 0) did not allow the citizens of Kazan to leave the group. "Rubin" took only third place. The following year, "Rubin" was back in the same group as the "Barcelona" and again took only third place, behind even the Danish "Copenhagen".

To date Ryzhikov had already spent 256 matches for "Ruby", which missed the 222 goals. He is the main goalkeeper of the club this season.

Ryzhikov team

As one of the leaders of the season in 2008, he has made a call to the national team and Sergei Ryzhikov. Footballer participated in several training sessions, but on the field and has not appeared. Again his candidacy fell in the application list in 2010 and 2011. However, to take place at the gate number 1 team, Igor Akinfeev, he could not.

Sergei Ryzhikov: football biography

The only match in the national team he spent March 29, 2011. It was a friendly match against Qatar. Ryzhikov appeared on the field in the first team and missed the goal already in the 4th minute, the game ended in a draw 1: 1.

Since 2014 Ryzhikov - stable understudy to Igor Akinfeev in the team along with Yuri Lodygin. They got in a bid for the World Cup, but spent all three games on the bench.