Elon Musk showed the item to produce Big Falcon Rocket (UPDATED)

Elon Musk posted on his page on Instagram photo of the roll, by means of which will be made the central units of the new launch vehicle BFR, which in the future will be used for flights to other planets. And as you can see from the photo, on the background of even one piece installed near electric Tesla Model 3 looks real crumbs, which, by the way, and are surprised at the comments.

Elon Musk showed the item to produce Big Falcon Rocket (UPDATED) Elon Musk showed the item to produce Big Falcon Rocket (UPDATED)

Recall that the Big Falcon Rocket is a project of a new generation of the company SpaceX rocket, which in the long term should be used for flights to the Moon and Mars. According to the latest plans of the company, BFR would replace the current family of Falcon Heavy rockets somewhere in the 2020s. It will be much larger now existing. Length will be about 106 meters with a diameter of 9 meters.

Rocket will consist of two fully reusable stages with the possibility of a controlled landing on Earth, as well as three options payload: interplanetary spacecraft Big Falcon Spaceship, Space, and the tanker truck to bring the satellites in orbit and fly to the ISS. Spaceship Big Falcon Spaceship will contain 825 cubic meters of pressurized volume with accommodation for 40 crew cabins, public areas, warehouses, food and shelter in case of solar flares. One of the first ship will fly to Mars - Elon Musk is planning to send a manned mission to the first half of 2020.

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Updated: News updated. Initially we talked about the details of BFR rocket itself. As it turned out, it is not a part of the rocket, but the details are used to create a future missile body.