Spanish football player Sergio Busquets: biography, sports career, personal life

Sergio Busquets - football player, "Barcelona", the world champion and the winner of the continental championship in the national team of Spain. It is considered one of the best defensive midfielders in the world.


Sergio Busquets was born in July 1988 in the Catalan town of Sabadell. His father, Carles, former player of the basic structure of "Barcelona", from an early age instilled in his son a love for the home team. No wonder that in this club and tried to enroll the young Sergio.

Spanish football player Sergio Busquets: biography, sports career, personal life

Unfortunately, the selection of a sports school "Barcelona" future star of Spanish football was not immediately apparent. He had the opportunity to train and play for other local children's teams - "Badiyu", "Barber", "Lerida" and "Unio Khabakov".

One career - one team

2005 was a landmark for the young midfielder. Sergio Busquets was spotted coach youth club "Barcelona" Quique Costas. In the first season, the team, which included such future stars of Spanish football as Jeffrey, Bojan and Giovanni, won three tournaments.

In the 2006/07 season, Busquets has become one of the undisputed leaders of the team. In the 26 matches played, he scored 7 goals. Such indicators could not avoid the attention of then-coach, "Barcelona B" Josep Guardiola. He took the 19-year-old midfielder to his team.

Season 2007/08 passed for Busquets more than successful. He firmly entrenched in the first team, for which he spent 30 matches and scored one goal. According to the results of the championship, "Barcelona II" won the right in the next year to play in a higher division - Segunda. In summer 2008, Josep Guardiola was appointed head coach of the main "Barcelona" team. The coach took with him some of the most gifted of his pupils. I got their number and Sergio Busquets.

"Barcelona" is always placed before the task to win in all competitions, took cautious beginners, so they had every game to justify the confidence of his coach and to win the love of the capricious local public.

Spanish football player Sergio Busquets: biography, sports career, personal life

Busquets debut in the main team was held in September 2008 in the match against "Racing". Sergio perfectly played the entire match, forcing himself to talk about football experts. A month later, he scored the first goal for the "Leopard" in the Champions League match.

During the first year spent in the Catalan club, Sergio Busquets played 41 match, which hit the gate rivals thrice. In the "Barcelona" 20-year-old midfielder became the champion and winner of the Spanish Cup and the Champions League triumph.

The following season, Sergio Busquets is securely fixed in the basis of "blue garnet", displacing it from Yaya Toure. Football year began more than successful, "Barcelona" has won the UEFA Super Cup and the Spanish Super Cup. In the 2009/10 season Busquets has played in 52 matches and scored one goal. His team won again an example, and also became the club champion.

In subsequent seasons the place of Sergio Busquets in the starting lineup of the Catalan team is undeniable. Its a great game in midfield helped the team every year to conquer all new titles and cups. From 2010 to 2016, "Barcelona" four times won the Spanish Cup, three times won the national cup, and four - the Super Bowl. Twice "Barcelona" won in the Champions League and the Club World Cup, also twice won the UEFA Super Cup. Starting with the 2014/15 season, Sergio Busquets is one of the vice-captain of the club.

appearances for Spain

In April 2009, Sergio Busquets, in the recent past a player Segundo, received a call from Vicente Del Bosque with the national team. Since then, the midfielder "Barcelona" is always in the "Red Fury".

Spanish football player Sergio Busquets: biography, sports career, personal life

In 2010, Busquets in the national team traveled to South Africa for the World Cup. He's out on the field in all seven games, but Spain eventually became the winner of the FIFA World Cup.

Two years later, Sergio Busquets was the champion of the continent at Euro 2012. According to the results of the competition Spanish midfielder got in the symbolic team of the tournament.

In subsequent years, Busquets is the main player in the national team. in the "Red Fury", he played in 82 matches and scored two goals in the opponents' goal.


Spanish football player Sergio Busquets: biography, sports career, personal life

Sergio Busquets, whose personal life was interested in a lot of fans for a long time concealed from the public its beloved - Helen Gallery.

The pair have been together for three years, and in March 2016 she gave the footballer son named Enzo.