Going for a dream coach Oleg Kononov

You can find a little bit successful coaches are former players the highest football division. Oleg Kononov refers to those of them whose star continues to rise, and lovers of football may well expect from him even more in terms of results. For those who do not hear about it, a bit of history.

Oleg Kononov: biography

Oleg Kononov's star began to rise as early as the 1990s. Born in 1966, defender Oleg Kononov playing in different clubs in Belarus, Ukraine and Poland. At first, he played for the "Spark" (Smolensk), then - "Dnepr" (Mogilev).

Going for a dream coach Oleg Kononov

is completing his football career as a player Oleg G. FC "Torpedo" (Minsk). It was there, in 1998, under the sunset career, he was recognized as the best player in Belarus. Ibid Kononov continued his career, but as a football coach. Oleg Kononov himself admits that he was able to realize the dream of becoming a coach with the help of a coach, "Torpedo" Anatoli Yurevich.

The first test of professionalism was the work with the Moldovan "Sheriff". Success. Then followed an invitation from Lviv "Carpathians". Unprecedented success for the football club - the first hit in the "Europa League", and two years in a row. In 2010, the general public through the media was surprised to learn about the new talented coach. Next, he became FC "Sevastopol" after a short break. With the advent of OG Kononov Crimean club began showing consistently good game in the Premier League.

The flowering of talent when dealing with the "Krasnodar"

He signed a contract with FC "Krasnodar" Since August 2013 Oleg Georgievich. This has opened a new page in the history of both the club and the coach. As he does not hide, Oleg Kononov - coach with ambition, striving to realize the dream: to win a national championship or the Champions League. And judging by what has been achieved, it is not just words.

Going for a dream coach Oleg Kononov

Magic talent Oleg G. led to the fact that "Krasnodar" is firmly entrenched in the top five Russian teams won bronze medals, played in the final of the Russian Cup. He traced its beautiful style of play in the short passes with the search for the free zones in the attack. In 2014-2015 gg. Kononov recognized as the best coach of Russia.

Louder than words tell figures. Over three years in the "Krasnodar" head coach Oleg Kononov has won 72 games, which is 55 percent of the total number of wins matches (131). This compares with a total number of victories, taken as a percentage of all the matches, which he spent as a head coach in the "Carpathians", "Sevastopol" and "Krasnodar". Leaves figure - 49 percent (128 of 268 Ratio). As can be seen, the indicators improved.

Of course, we, like the fans, I would like more, for example, to see further steady progress of their favorite team. But do the figures in football always reflect the true state of affairs?

A talented coach leaves the team

Oleg Kononov in interviews repeatedly said that it is more important than the result of the game itself, spectacular, reflecting the work of a particular system constructed and dedication of each player. Perhaps due to the fact that they built the system, due to some reason, I became to fail, in 2016 "Krasnodar" started to lose points where they could take. This prompted the successful coach to resign from the club. Not necessarily the cause of the problem you need to look at his work.

Going for a dream coach Oleg Kononov

The president of FC "Krasnodar" This request was granted only for the fourth time in September 2016 resignation of Oleg Kononov has become for many, including for the players themselves, as a surprise. The media and the international electronic network criticized coach OG Kononov for failing to make appropriate and timely changes to the game team. But is it fair to hang all defects on a single person seeking to qualitatively carry out their work?

What can we expect from Kononov

Oleg G. distinguishes progressive approach to their work. As renowned experienced trainers in Europe, he is ready to learn, frequents clubs with strong bases for training. In 2010, he was trained by increasing your level to Pro category. For the business serious relationship Oleg Kononov selects those clubs, which are complex conditions to achieve higher results.

Since Oleg G. have a strong desire to achieve the best results, have a positive experience, you can most likely expect that he will be offered a job in some European club with a long football tradition, advanced analytics system. Or he agrees to train some of the grand problem of post-Soviet space.

Going for a dream coach Oleg Kononov

The main thing that agreed goals and methods, presentation of how football should develop the coach, the club and player management. And then we may see, as a star Oleg Kononov will shine in full force.