Contraband 2.0: robots will bring pills for abortion in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, abortion is legal only when the life of the woman is threatened. In virtually all other cases, medical abortion is against the law, which is very concerned about activists who are fighting for women's rights. It is for this reason that on May 31 the country will begin shipping tablets for abortion in the Netherlands with the help of robots and drones.

Contraband 2.0: robots will bring pills for abortion in Northern Ireland

The initiative is a collaboration between activists of the Women on Waves, Women on Web to medical abortion service online and social ROSA feminist movement in Northern Ireland. According to them, the robots will not violate the laws on abortion, so how to manage them will be from the territory of the Netherlands. At the same time, they will draw public attention to women who are fighting for more advanced reproductive rights.

That's what they write Women on Waves:

Robot-abortion show a new legal reality of women of Northern Ireland, who have to rely on new technologies, such as telemedicine, unmanned aerial vehicles and robots, using legal loopholes.

For more draw attention to the problem and its solution, Women on Waves will carry the broadcast delivery of tablets using Facebook.

The organization is particularly noted that abortion was prohibited even in cases of rape, incest and serious violations of the fetus. She did not believe the women who had abortions, the criminals, as well as healthcare professionals, to help them, and wants the state to feel the same way.

Abortion laws in Northern Ireland are similar to those abandoned by the Republic of Ireland, a referendum on last week last week. Alas, the women of Northern Ireland really have to rely on robots and online consultants who are in Amsterdam.