China described the Lunokhod "Chang'e-4", which will go on the back side of the moon

China showed the lander's images as well as rover that will go this year on the back side of the moon with the help of the spacecraft, "Chang'e-4." As reported by the local edition of "Xinhua" rover has the shape of a rectangular block, equipped with two sliding solar panels installed on the six-wheeled chassis. unit length of 1, 5 meters, width - 1 meter height - 1, 1 meter.

China described the Lunokhod

According to the chief engineer of the Chinese space program have Veyzhen, rover until it receives its official name, in general, preserve the appearance of its predecessor -lunohoda "Yuytu", delivered by satellite of the earth surface with the spacecraft, "Chang'e-3" 2013.

The Chinese news agency with reference to the device developer reports that the new rover will receive part of the adaptable and configurable amount of payload that will help the unit to cope with difficult terrain on the back side of the moon.

China described the Lunokhod

Lander are going to land in the area of ​​the South Pole - Aitken in the South polar region on the back of our natural satellite. The area is of great interest to scientists because here contains large deposits of water ice.

Committee for Defense Science, Technology and Industry of China has announced a contest for a name for the new Chinese lunar rover. Take part in it and offer its own version of any interested person. Contestants may submit their offers on the Internet in the period from 15 August to 5 September. The result will be announced in October. The winner will not only receive 3000 yuan (about $ 440), but also will be invited to the launch vehicle to the moon.

After the lunar landing device will keep in touch through the Earth Tsyuetsyao broadcast satellite launched in May this year. According to recent data, sending the "Chang'e-4" is scheduled for December this year.