Tesla suggested "immediate" delivery Model 3 to boost sales

Tesla plans to accelerate its sales figures Model 3, and this will bring electric vehicles to customers hands as quickly as possible - including the non-traditional methods. Electrek found out that Tesla wrote an e-mail to those who did pre-order of "instant delivery" of some rear-wheel drive Model 3 on the principle of "first deliver, first served." We started with people waiting for their cars from the first day of pre-order, but the September 10 network expanded.

Tesla suggested

It is not clear how many cars will be offered in this way, but the company produces cars party RWD Model 3 is not tied to specific customers. It is obvious that some will be willing to buy a Model 3 right now, even if the configuration is not quite the same, what they wanted.

the Tesla is gaining momentum

For those who are faced with months-long waiting, especially waiting for the basic model for 35,000 US dollars (probably until 2019), but it can afford to spend more, it will be good news. At the same time, it demonstrates how Tesla is actively trying to increase the volume of production and delivery. She wants to show that Model 3 profitable (or will be any), and is ready to abandon the normal procedures to make it happen.

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