French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris - is a French footballer who currently plays today for the English "Tottenham". He is thirty years old, but he still does not even think about retirement. The fact that Hugo Lloris - goalkeeper and thirty years on this position - this is the prime.

Early career

French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris was born December 26, 1986 in the French city of Nice, where he started playing football. Already at the age of seven, he joined the football academy of a small local club "Sime", where he spent four years. When he was eleven, Hugo was in the main view of the city at the "Nice" and joined a new football academy. There he has held for seven years, until he was eighteen - then he signed with the club professional contract.

Already in 2004 he started to play for the double club and spent 20 games when he began calling the main team. In the first season, he defended only ten matches, but all have already noticed that a great talent has grown in the school, "Nice." Already in 2006, Hugo Lloris was the main goalkeeper of the club, although he was only 19 years old. Over the next two seasons, he left the field 67 times and performed so well that it attracted the attention of one of the biggest clubs in the country - "Lyon".

Move to the "Lion"

French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris

In the 20-year-old talent "Lion" has paid eight and a half million euros - of course, it was a worthwhile expenditure. just enough to take a look at how to actively sell new football shape. Hugo Lloris was seen as a new Fabien Barthez, so the acquisition of one of the biggest talents of the country was a very smart move on the part of management, "Lyon". Despite the fact that he was only twenty, Lloris then hit the starting line-up and the club in his first season had 46 games, conceding them just 43 goals. In total, "Lyons", Hugo Lloris, whose biography was formed at that time, just incredible success, spent four seasons, which went on the field 199 times, conceding 217 goals. This figure was very outstanding, and already the French club goalkeeper was able to reach the world level. Naturally, he could not stay long in the weakest and least popular of the five top European championships. Therefore, in the summer of 2012 Lloris has signed a contract with the English "Tottenham", which became for him a kind of home.

"Lion" for the transfer received thirteen million euros, but in addition to financial returns Lloris also helped the team win the Coupe de France in 2012, just before his departure.

The game of "Tottenham"

French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris - top-class footballer, one of the best goalkeepers in the world, and he became as it was in the "Tottenham". Yes, he became known in the days of performances for "Lion", but on the highest level was able to get it in England. To date, he has spent the British club four seasons, which has played 168 matches and conceded 192 goals. For the current season, it is so far one of the best in the career of a football player. He played 25 matches, missed them a total of 19 goals in ten games and kept their goal intact.

Do Lloris leave the "Spurs" on the increase, because then he still has not won a trophy? Goalkeeper, and in combination, and the team captain, answered this question at least a month ago, signed with the English club a new agreement, calculated up to 2022.

for the national team appearances

French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris

In the national team of France Hugo Lloris made his debut in November 2008, when he was only 22 years old. He was summoned to the team even earlier, in September, but sat out three games on the bench. he was first given a chance in a friendly match with Uruguay, which he defended "at zero". Since he played in 85 matches for the French team, missing them just 52 goals. In 32 of the 85 matches of France is not missed. After its debut some time Hugo has spent on the bench, but the summer of 2009 began to appear in the starting lineup on a regular basis.

At the World Championship in 2010, he went this time as the main goalkeeper, and in November 2010 for the first time tried the captain's armband team. Since 2012, Lloris has been the undisputed captain of the team - in this status, and he went to the European Championship 2012. Lloris was also the main goalkeeper of the French team at the World Championship in 2014, and at home Euro 2016 has become one of the main stars. In the seven games he has missed only five goals and became one of the key factors that the French team reached the final, losing against Portugal.