Alexander Osipov. Way of becoming a defender KHL

Aleksandr Osipov, Russian defender, passed a difficult path from youth to professional hockey, during his career, constantly proving their high level of play and striking skills.

Early career

Russians started his career in the youth team of the Tyumen team "Gazovik", which is now called the "Ruby". In 2005, he came into the club, the speaker in the First League, three seasons Osipov driven around among young people, trying to prove himself to the new stage of development. And Major League Cup 2007/2008, Alexander got the chance of head coach of the first team, playing the entire season, the defender played in 52 meetings, scored 12 points. But the coach, "Gazovik" Sergei Voykin was unhappy with the game of his ward, which is too often the penalty box by dialing 146 penalty minutes.

Alexander Osipov. Way of becoming a defender KHL

However, a trust limit Alexander Osipov has not spent, and already the next two seasons proved its ability to develop, reducing the time penalty of 4 times. For three years in the "Gazovik" defender has played in 133 regular-season meetings and the Major League playoffs, gaining 46 points, so that it was noticed in the team of the Kontinental Hockey League - "Amur".

The beginning of the path of conquest CHL

Mentor team Khabarovsk Alexander Blinov invited Alexander Osipov, whose biography has not yet had a high-profile achievements, try your hand at the level of the league above, and in early January 2010 defender made his debut in the main championship of the continent. The second season of "Amur" Osipov began in the farm club of Khabarovsk, but quickly returned to the base, for which spent 50 games, scored 14 points, thus showing the best result among the defenders. The next two years Russian has successfully continued to help his first club in the KHL, but the end of the season 2012/2013, Alexander Osipov held first in Mytishchi "Atlanta", playing 6 matches, and ended up in the Petersburg SKA.

The road from St. Petersburg to Moscow

As a part of the team of Petersburg Alexander Osipov he played only on the Gagarin Cup, after which the instructor sent SKA hockey player to another club KHL - "Ak Bars". In Kazan, the defender could not immediately loudly about themselves, which seriously interfered with minor injuries player. But, having played the championship as a whole, already at the start of the season 2014/2015 Osipov appeared in the Moscow "Dynamo".

Alexander Osipov. Way of becoming a defender KHL

In the capital's team career Alexander has gained a second wind - all season defender helped his team to fight for victory in the championship and Gagarin Cup, as a result of taking a "white-blue" in third place in the championship and ostnovivshis in the quarterfinal round of the Cup. Championship next season, where Osipov also played in virtually every meeting, was completed for the squad not so successfully - 5th place, and after only 13 matches KHL 2016/2017, in October, Alexander moved to a new team - Omsk "Vanguard", which became he already 6 th family in the main championship of the continent.

Omsk Start

Alexander Osipov. Way of becoming a defender KHL

As part of the "hawks" Aleksandr Osipov, hockey player with a wealth of experience, immediately became one of the pillars of the defense. Despite the low performance - 3 points in 21 games, largely because it helps the game "Vanguard" to fight for the victory in the Eastern Conference with Magnitogorsk "Metallurgist".