Tesla proved that its cars do not get into accidents more often than others

Tesla company has long been dissatisfied with the fact that the news of accidents involving its cars immediately fly on the world's media and spoil the reputation of the firm. To prove that electric cars Tesla fall at least in an accident than other vehicles, the company has promised to publish quarterly reports on the accident. The first report is already out - it was published on October 4 on the official website of the company.

Tesla proved that its cars do not get into accidents more often than others

How to collect data? In the beginning, the company announced that customers security - its top priority. To create reliable cars, it not only carries out internal tests, but also analyzes the data about the accident happened. The fact that the sale of cars the company creates a direct relationship with their owners and can quickly solicit important information.

Other manufacturers that use a network of franchised dealers, this is not possible. They do not even know that their car brand had an accident. If they need information on road accidents, their preparation through the courts may take months or even years.

At the beginning of 2018, when the company announced its intention to publish reports, she began to collect telemetry data on failures in all cars sold. These data and helped to create a safety report.

As stated in the report?

So, from July to September 2018 Tesla cars with the autopilot engaged got in trouble every 5,375,208 km distance traveled. When switched off the autopilot accident occurred more frequently - every 3,122,127 km. For comparison, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA data shows that in the US car accidents occur every 791 797 km, that is much more common.

Given that accidents may vary in severity and circumstances, the company wants to personally meet with the owners of damaged cars. According to her, it will help identify weaknesses and improve vehicle safety system based on customer feedback.

Overall Tesla report was very short - I want to see more data on incidents. The company promises to gather a more complete picture of accidents, so it is likely that the reports in future quarters will be more.

Previously, the company has already published reports, but only on certain incidents. For example, in April at the site of the company were disclosed details about the accident on the Tesla Model X with a fatal outcome.

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