Develop a vaccine against stroke and other vascular pathologies

Blood clots is the cause of many different (and often fatal) disease. Of course, there is a means of therapy of thrombosis, but at constant reception they have one very unpleasant property: bleeding. The aid can come vaccine, developed by scientists at the University of Osaka (Japan). The vaccine can act not only as the prevention of diseases, but also as a means to protect against recurrence already borne diseases.

Develop a vaccine against stroke and other vascular pathologies

A new vaccine still has the working title of S100A9 and it has already passed a series of successful experiments on mice. It turned out that it provides protection against thrombus formation for more than two months from the date of production. In addition, the vaccine does not cause autoimmune reactions and does not increase the risk of bleeding. Such a long period - it really is a real breakthrough. As stated by one of the authors of the study, Dr. Hironori Nakagami,

"Many stroke patients have to take medication every day. And sometimes they just forget or tired to do it. Which increases the risk of recurrent stroke. Our vaccine may one day help solve this problem. "

During experiments S100A9 vaccine was compared to one of the most common drugs to prevent blood clots clopidogrel. It turned out that the vaccine has the same effectiveness as an anticoagulant. But scientists themselves with caution expressed about the future of its development.

"We are continuing our testing and we hope to complete clinical studies. But it is important to understand that in humans and laboratory mice have a lot of differences in the body. And we can not be sure how the immune and other systems of the person will react to a promising vaccine. "

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