The deadliest cancer killer available in each of our cells

Our body has the function of a variety of life-threatening conditions. However, in some cases, our reserves are not enough. For example when dealing with cancer. In this science there are cases when it is the most advanced stage of the disease recedes and people being cured, although even the most powerful methods of treatment did not work. This led scientists to believe that the internal methods of struggle is still there, but they could not find. It is quite possible that it was possible to make a scientist from Chicago, found that "cancer killing of code" directly in our cells.

The deadliest cancer killer available in each of our cells

A new study experts from Northwestern University in Chicago, says the publication EurekAlert. According to available information, a new way - a genetic code that is built into the RNA and micro-RNA of all our cells. According to lead author Marcus Peter, "Cancer can" adapt "to the chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but it can become resistant to the genetic code. Once the cell "knows" that it is mutated in cancer, she entered the code to her death. "

Research new mechanism began in 2017, when Marcus found that when tumors are introduced, some RNA molecules sequenced from normal cells, cancer deaths occur. It was also found that this method does not develop resistance.

"It's like stabbing yourself, shoot and jump off a building at the same time. In such a situation can not survive. "

But it was necessary to identify the precise sequence of nucleotides, which are responsible for triggering the self-destruct mechanism. In further studies Markus Peter and his team tested 4,096 different nucleotide bases in order to identify the most effective against cancer.

"Based on what we learned, we can now create artificial microRNAs, which are much more effective in killing cancer cells than even those created by nature. We absolutely must make it into a new form of therapy. "

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