Israel completely abandon gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2030

After 2030. Israel can no longer buy a car that runs on fuel as fuel. It is reported by Reuters with reference to the Minister of Energy. All vehicles with an internal combustion engine will be replaced by electric cars and vehicles powered by natural gas. According to the Minister Yuval Steinitz, the problem of the country is in a set of "critical mass" of vehicles, which will allow the local industry to abandon the petrol and diesel engines and switch to clean mode of transport.

Israel completely abandon gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2030

The Minister also noted that "the government is going to encourage the transition to electric vehicles including by reducing the amounts of taxation of such a mode of transport almost to zero." Thus, electric vehicles will be much cheaper than usual, working on combustible fuels.

Steinitz added that the government has been actively supporting the construction of future infrastructure, by means of which can be seamlessly serve new types of transport.

"The country is an active construction of charging stations. To date built more than 2,000 of these new facilities, "- he says in an interview with Reuters Steinitz.

The refusal of an internal combustion engine and the transition to electric vehicles is part of a larger Israeli plan to completely abandon the use of petrol, diesel and coal. In recent years the country has been discovered huge reserves of natural gas, so Israel began the modernization of its power under a new kind of fuel.

Plans for the creation of a clean environmental conditions in the country were announced after the last UN report, which said global climate change, the role of man in them, as well as the very sad prospects in case of unwillingness to change the status quo in the global energy sector.

Steinitz said that the moment of transition for the country will come about in 2025. According to experts, at this point on the roads of Israel will move about 177,000 electric cars. Current figures are also much more modest. Statistics confirm that the country is currently in use only a few dozen electric vehicles.

After 2025 to buy and own an electric car will be much easier and cheaper, so the minister expects the number of this type of transport in the country will rise by 2030 to almost 1, 5 million units.

"From 2030 we will not allow anyone to import diesel and gasoline cars in Israel," - said Steinitz.

All new cars will be electric. Public and freight transport will also be electric or run on compressed natural gas.

"We encourage companies to supply Israel Electric vehicles and those who work with oil and gasoline - to convert their gas stations under the possibility of charging electric vehicles", - the minister added.

The relevant bill has already been sent to the Government for consideration. It is expected that the document will be signed by the end of this year.

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