Elon Musk renamed Big Falcon Rocket in Starship

Future massive rocket SpaceX, Big Falcon Rocket (BFR), received a new name. In his personal Twitter account CEO Elon Musk said that the transport part of the ship, now known as the Big Falcon Spaceship, will now be called Starship, while part of a launch vehicle (which is also called Big Fuc * ing Rocket) get name Super Heavy. Plans to build a 118-meter BFR officially presented in September.

Elon Musk renamed Big Falcon Rocket in Starship

Ultimately, the company hopes to replace the existing Falcon 9 rocket, Falcon Heavy and Dragon on the "large falcon." The vessel is developed in the port of Los Angeles, and will cost about $ 5 billion. BFR can lift up to 100 tons of cargo and carry up to 100 passengers on Mars.

New Starship

SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell said the company hopes to begin testing a new missile at the end of 2019. If all goes according to plan, Musk believes that this will be followed first unmanned mission to Mars in 2022, and in 2024 - and the first flight with humans on board. Mission around the Moon with the private passenger on board is planned for 2023. But given the fact that Falcon Heavy built almost twice as longer than expected, and that only 5% SpaceX resources currently spent on Starship, the company is unlikely to have time to set deadlines. As Twitter users report called BFS "starship" is technically inaccurate, if the ship is not going to the mission to another star system. Musk said that more recent versions of Starship will be able to and so, although at the moment the device should become a part of "interplanetary transportation system" capable of traveling "to any place in the solar system."

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