Bumblebees have become an important part of the "Internet of Things"

According to the publication Business Insider, by 2023, a variety of sensors, light bulbs and other Internet of Things devices will be actively used in the consumer and corporate sectors. Do not remain aloof and agriculture - related companies intend to use the sensors to study the field of productivity and the construction of their cards. Researchers from the University of Washington announced that a major role in this regard will be played by bumblebees.

Bumblebees have become an important part of the

The fact is that it is necessary that the sensors always been to in the area of ​​agriculture proper operation of the Internet of things in motion, and covered the maximum possible area. Previously, their distribution was planned to use the tiny drones, but they showed a huge disadvantage. They barely have enough power to lift the sensors, so developers can not equip them with capacious batteries. Used in place of small power sources provide a maximum of 20 minutes of work.

Researchers believe that the best replacement tiny drones - are common bumblebees. They weigh about 113 mg, and quite capable for a few hours to move equipment weighing 102 mg. It is assumed that in addition to a variety of sensors to insects will be fixed wireless communication module and a device to determine the location. The use of bumblebees will not only create terrain maps and analysis of the moisture content and yield, but also tell a lot about the life of insects. Scientists will be able to find out what types of terrain most of them are attracted and what plants they pollinate more often. According to Professor Shyamnata Gollakota, so they will be able to conduct two trials at once.

While insects are prepared to do the work of drones, tiny drones trying to pollinate plants. For collecting pollen they use sticky hairs, but their effectiveness is still subject to serious doubt.

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