Telescope "Hubble" has broken down again, and at the wrong time

NASA space agency on Tuesday suspended the work space telescope "Hubble" after the space observatory have another hardware failure has been detected that does not allow the telescope to properly perform their tasks. It should be noted that this is not the first failure "Hubble", but the new did not happen at a better time for NASA.


During the 28 years of the telescope he repeatedly encountered problems. Last time - in October last year, when he was transferred to "sleep" mode because of a broken gyroscope (already the fourth of the six available).

Portal reports that this time, "Hubble" has broken wide-angle camera Wide Field Camera 3, installed on the machine in 2009, when the program space shuttles still worked, and one of the four active tool, use the telescope to search for and monitor the stars, the planets and the various cosmic phenomena.

The camera is equipped with a backup email system that can be use, but it is not clear how long it may be necessary to eliminate the problem. Three other cameras on orbiting telescopes continue to function. As emphasized by the publication, the problem with the camera occurred in an environment where funding agency NASA, as well as a number of other federal departments, suspended due to budget disagreements between the administration of US President Donald Trump and the Democrats in Congress, so will have to wait in any case at least until the moment when the politicians do not resolve all questions.

On his Twitter page Assistant NASA Research Director Thomas Zurbuken on this occasion he said that "this incident serves as a reminder of two important aspects of space research: firstly, complex systems such as a telescope" Hubble ", working only through experienced group and secondly, all the space systems is the limiting lifetime, and such problems arise from time to time. "

In any case, the agency monitor the telescope, but NASA is not enough people to fully analyze and solve the problem. Of course, the agency could turn to departed employees on unpaid leave due to a serious abnormal situations, however, no evidence of such an option is not observed. Launched in 1990, the telescope's orbit was named after astronomer Edwin Hubble (1889-1953). The apparatus is equipped with 2, 4-meter mirror, and also various apparatus, which allows it to conduct surveillance Desirable objects in the visible, infrared and ultraviolet ranges of the spectrum.

The unit worked on the Earth's orbit for nearly 30 years and had planned to replace another in 2013 with the help of advanced space observatories James Webb Telescope, but the latter still can nedosoberut. The contractor engaged in the assembly of the new telescope, far behind schedule and already many times beat out beyond the originally calculated budget. The main components of "James Webb" was collected until the end of 2016, after the start of their trials. In the early 2018 launch of the most advanced space observatory was moved in 2019, and in the summer of the same year it was announced that the telescope will be able to go into space no earlier than March 30, 2021.

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