Nikolai Yasinovka - bodybuilder, world-class athlete: height, weight, Biography

Nikolai Yasinovka - known personality in the former USSR. He is the most popular Russian bodybuilder. Its well-developed muscles and relief of the body is known all over the world. Nicholas - one of the first professionals in bodybuilding, who was born and raised in the Soviet Union. The history of its development as an athlete strikes to the heart, even those who had never interested in sports.

Brief biography. Start exercising

Yasinovka Nicholas was born in Vorkuta in 1962. When he was a child, he lived with his family in a small village, which was called the Soviet. Nikolai's father was rarely at home, as he worked in the mine. Since childhood, the boy accustomed to playing sports. Throughout the entire fourteen years he was involved in hockey. In this sport the youth reached quite impressive results. He won the republic's hockey championship, he has repeatedly won first place in his hometown, won first place in the Northwest area.

Nikolai Yasinovka - bodybuilder, world-class athlete: height, weight, Biography

Interest in the human body structure

When Nicholas served his term in the military ranks of the Soviet Union, he developed an unusual while interest in bodybuilding. At that time, at home Yasinovka a sport has not yet officially exist. The young man decides to enter the Pedagogical Institute of the city of Syktyvkar. In parallel with the study he visits section athletic exercises. As a result, interest in the sport still prevailed, and Nicholas decides to transfer to the Institute of Physical Education, which was in Lyubertsy.

Yasinovka had a serious intent to engage in professional bodybuilding. So he began to attend various competitions to evaluate the preparation of their possible future opponents. Play Nicholas Yasinovka never loved, therefore I competed only once convinced of their competitiveness.

Nikolai Yasinovka - bodybuilder, world-class athlete: height, weight, Biography

In the competitive platform

In 1986 Moscow hosted the championship in bodybuilding, where Nicholas took the second place. The championship was then for George Masalevym. After two weeks Yasinovka managed to enter the top ten of the best bodybuilders in the Russian championship. This small victory was a great inspiration for the athlete. He trained hard and worked his body to six months to become the undisputed champion of Moscow.

In addition, he was able to win the silver medal at the competition for the Cup of the USSR. Already in 1990, Nikolai Yasinovka won the championship in his native country, and right after that and won the Open Championship in Japan. He started winning various tournaments one after the other. In the same year, Nicholas went to the United States to take part in the demonstration performances in bodybuilding.

There he met Jeff Brennan, who was the organizer of this event. Brannon saw in Yasinovka quite promising bodybuilder, so invited him to move to the United States. Without hesitation, Nicholas agrees and leaves from the Soviet Union to the United States.

Performances abroad

Upon arrival in Washington Nikolay gets a job in a fitness club. Where he carries out extensive training to get ready for the upcoming competitions. After three months of preparation Yasinovka manages to win the amateur tournament called the Emerald Cup. A year later he won the Cup for the second time on a bodybuilding championship. It was at that tournament, he gets his nickname Russian Nightmare, which cried some viewer-Vietnamese from the audience.

Nicholas Unfortunately, he could not participate in other tournaments because they do not have the status of a US citizen. The salary at Yasinovka was meager, the fitness club a lot of it was not possible to make. The confluence of these two factors led to the fact that Nicholas decided to break the professional relationship with Brannon. He retired and just left "to nowhere."

Nikolai Yasinovka - bodybuilder, world-class athlete: height, weight, Biography

A difficult period in the life of a bodybuilder

After his discharge from the fitness center has to Nicholas tugovato. He took the post of electrician in the construction company. But a short time later came under the cut. Further, he found a job at the car wash. All the money went to pay for a small apartment he rented, and fried potatoes on the water. Nikolai Yasinovka almost did not starve, although recently he was applauded. There were times when the athlete had to sleep on the street.

He worked and distributor of medicines, and a security guard at the cafe-bar. A little later, he was able to get to the position of bodyguard popular at that time artist Ice-T. But money is still not enough for at least a decent apartment. Every day, the athlete had to be overcome by foot to ten kilometers, returning from work. About a year continued to wander Nikolai Yasinovka. Bodybuilder lost 30 kg of his weight and completely lost its former strong physique bodybuilder.

The beginning of the business

After a while Yasinovka met his compatriot. He suggested that Nicholas do interesting work - namely, to resell anabolic steroids, which are imported from Russia. Yasinovka agrees. Russian bodybuilder begins to deal with a business that brings in huge profits. Nicholas case quickly went up. In about half a year bodybuilder radically change your lifestyle. He bought a house with an ocean view, doroguschy car and summoned from Russian wife and son, who at that time was already eight years old.

Nikolai Yasinovka - bodybuilder, world-class athlete: height, weight, Biography

Not forgetting sport

In parallel with the conduct of the business Yasinovka decides to resume active sports. He wants to prepare for future competitions. In 1994 it comes to success. He was finally able to get a card IFBB professional. In the same year, Nicholas participated in two important tournaments, which took fourth place. Yasinovka honorary title "International Master of Sports." To him comes the success and glory. The athlete starts to travel around the country. He lectures and demonstrations. For this he is paid quite a lot of money. Nohl Feller, US coach builder, constantly surprised by the success of its new Russian ward. While everyone thought that Nicholas already has to perform at the Olympia.

A black bar

Yasinovka can not realize all inscribed plans. He gets in a car accident. Fortunately, the airbag is triggered, and Yasinovka survives. After the accident, he had to have surgery on the hip joint. But the troubles did not end there.

Nikolai Yasinovka - bodybuilder, world-class athlete: height, weight, Biography

A month after the rehabilitation hospital Nicholas received the tragic news: his father died. It is a terrible message athlete was shattered completely. Yasinovka totally abandoned sports and went to a two-month binge.

During this time he has accumulated a lot of debt. To deal with this situation, Nikolai Yasinovka decides to trade in anabolic again. But once flourishing business in this time it burned. After a while it became clear that for a bodybuilder watched by the FBI. Employees of special services managed to gather enough conclusive evidence to arrest Nicholas. During the investigation, the athlete learns that he has substituted a regular customer who was actually recruited by the FBI.

Conclusions and deportation

Media, learning about the high-profile case Yasinovka, giving it wide publicity, distorting some of the details. As claimed by the press, the FBI was able to detain one of the major leaders of the Russian mafia. However, the investigation revealed that this information is false, and in the business of Nicholas spent more than 1.5 million taxpayers America. As a result, a bodybuilder to give a half years in prison. On offer to become an informant Nikolai responsible firm refusal, whereby he has to change the seven prisons. After Yasinovka serving his sentence, he is deported from America back to Russia.

Nikolai Yasinovka - bodybuilder, world-class athlete: height, weight, Biography

Back in Russia

Outside it was 1997. International Master of Sports back home. In his pocket only a few dollars, and all around a completely different country. Yasinovka goes to the gym and settles there as an instructor. With the passage of time increases it. He traveled as a manager, the deputy director, and eventually became one of the owners of the fitness club, which has two branches in the cities of Balashikha and Novorossiysk. After a while he manages the company, which sells trainers and nutrition for athletes. But their old hobbies Russian champion in bodybuilding does not forget. He continues to participate in demonstrations, seminars, lectures rides.

Even the writer

2009 saw the release of a book entitled "The Iron true Russian Nightmare. Part 1". Russian champion in bodybuilding decided to tell the world the truth about how he lived before, that he had to undergo, and how he was able to overcome all hardships on the way. In the book he also shares a variety of thoughts on the bodybuilding and sports nutrition, talks about the effectiveness of simulators and reveals the secrets of his excellent physique. His writer's work has become known throughout the world, especially in the circles of bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Nikolai Yasinovka - bodybuilder, world-class athlete: height, weight, Biography

Return Yasinovka

The first of the bodybuilders of the USSR - Yasinovka Nicholas. Height, weight, sportsmen - 168 cm and 97 kg, respectively. At 48 years old bodybuilder decides to restore IFBB pro card. athlete himself believed that in such a mature age it is not difficult to compete with younger athletes. In 2010 he performed at the Cup of Russia. Yasinovka applaud all the spectators, because it affects all of its amazing figure and professionalism. Next Demonstration performances Russian Nightmare took place in 2015. He made a great show and prove that age is not a hindrance to this builder.