The crew of "Union of MS-10," flew to the ISS on a new ship

The crew of the manned spacecraft "Soyuz-12 MS" successfully docked with the International Space Station (ISS). The landing of astronauts occurred six hours after the start of the docking took place automatically under the control of the crew of the Lead Operational ISS Russian Segment Management Group. It is reported by "Roskosmos".

The crew of

The crew of "MS-12 Alliance" consists of three people - Alexey Ovchinin, Nick Hayes and Christina Cook. The first two were part of the crew of the "MS-10 The Union" - the ship, the launch of which ended in failure after 2 and 5 minutes after the start. The astronauts were unscathed thanks to the emergency rescue system: it was she who stole the ship with the crew to a safe distance from the faulty missile (capsule landed about 400 kilometers from the Baikonur).

Nevertheless, the second run was a success and the crew went to the ISS on a new ship. Launch from Baikonur was at 22:14 Moscow time. The ship made four turns around the Earth, which allowed him to dock with the Russian module "Dawn" in just six hours.

The crew of

of the new members of the crew must return to Earth in October 2019 - thus, they will spend 204 days in orbit. It is planned that they will spend several spacewalks: March 29, it has scheduled the first spacewalk of two women. They will be Christine Cook of "MS-12 Alliance" and Anne McClain, who is already on the ISS. Two weeks ago, the ship Crew Dragon successfully docked with the ISS. However, inside the ship was not living people: they replaced the dummy main heroine of a science fiction movie series "Alien" - Ripley. Despite fears of Elon Musk, the mission SpaceX Crew Demo-1 was a success and the device without any problems docked with the International Space Station.

It is assumed that Crew Dragon will subsequently bring American astronauts to the ISS, allowing NASA to abandon the use of spacecraft "Soyuz". The truth is, SpaceX has not yet launched the ship into space with people.

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