How quickly wash off the hair tonic: domestic and professional products

Experiments with tonic to quickly and radically transformed. In just a few months, you can try the opposite options palette. With the transition from light to dark shades, and vice versa, change the hair texture and require extra care. And what if the coloring agent was chosen unsuccessfully or more color options are layered one upon the other, spoiling the overall impression? In such situations, saving solution would be the use of washes. It can cook yourself or use a professional formula. What can wash away the tonic without professional help? Consider the response to this question in detail.

How quickly wash off the hair tonic: domestic and professional products

The broth chamomile

He has a complex effect. Broth not only washes away the toners, but also takes care of the hair. It can be used continuously without damaging the strands. How quickly wash off the hair tonic decoction of chamomile? For maximum results will have to perform several procedures. This is especially true for very dark and light hair.

Prepare the broth is simple enough. It requires the following ratio of ingredients: dry chamomile in an amount of 1 tablespoons a glass of water. Flowers poured boiling water and leave one or two hours. After the broth must be applied to the hair and leave for 60 minutes. In addition to this, you can use chamomile shampoo.

A solution of sodium

He is considered the most effective means of removing unwanted hair shades. There are several washes recipes based on this component:

  • take soda spoons 6 on 1 liter of heated water. The solution was distributed over the length of a towel and covered with cellophane and left for 45 minutes. After you need to thoroughly wash the hair with water and apply a nourishing mask.
How quickly wash off the hair tonic: domestic and professional products
  • Soda solution will be the answer to the question "How to rinse the hair with pink tonic?". Required 100 grams of soda, 1 tbsp. tablespoon of salt and 150 ml of water. The mixture is applied to dry hair massage. After one hour wash off with shampoo. It can be used as a rinse and a decoction of chamomile.

The soda solution can not be applied to very dry hair and for greasy strands it will fit perfectly.

or fermented baked milk Kefir

The acidic environment created by these dairy products, well removes unwanted hair tint, while effectively taking care of them. Qualitative results can be obtained after two weeks of systematic application. Yogurt or fermented baked milk must be heated to 35-40 degrees and applied across the length of the hair. It is recommended to use the cellophane and a towel for extra insulation. Exposure time - a couple of hours. When shorter duration effect is rather caregiver. Next, the hair is washed with shampoo.

How quickly wash off the hair tonic: domestic and professional products

In conjunction with these ingredients well affects colorless henna. It also clarifies and strengthens strands. To prepare the mask, mix the henna, kefir and egg. Hair, painted in dark colors, require at least two hours levers. The mask is applied to dry hair and washed off with shampoo after the specified time.

Acid remover

Products containing natural acids very well wash away unwanted color. The most popular options - lemon and vinegar. Citrus juice and burdock oil in the ratio of one to one lighten your hair a few shades. The composition is applied to the strands for a few hours. The procedure should be repeated every three days 6-10 times.

How quickly wash off the hair tonic: domestic and professional products

A mixture of burdock oil and vinegar also helps wash away unwanted color. The composition is applied even in the case of chemical dyes. Required 100 ml of vinegar and 1 tbsp. oil spoon. Weight is applied to wet hair washed and kept to half an hour. It's worth noting that on the strands at a time will light the characteristic smell after its use.

The professional tool for washing

If there is a distrust of the natural ingredients and homemade recipes, you can always take advantage of special products. Washes type Hair Light or Estel Color off to solve the problem of how to quickly wash away the hair tonic at home. The first affects not only the tinted, but also on colored hair dye. Second means gives effective results already after one use. Acid wash does not contain ammonia and other corrosive substances. It is important to pick them deep cleansing shampoo.

When painting "tonic" can be considered a special version of the application means from the same line, entitled "Retonika". This remover that removes unwanted color well and is easy to use.

Any means of washing undesired color from the hair, both domestic and professional, significantly dries locks. Sometimes it affects their very structure. It is recommended to immediately acquire nourishing and moisturizing mask and alternate them with the basic tool for all color removal period and for some time to restore hair.

How quickly wash off the hair tonic: domestic and professional products

to wash off the mask

You can pick up a number of ingredients that will prepare qualitative means to eliminate unwanted color after toning at home. These include the various oils, honey, clay, cinnamon. How quickly wash off the hair tonic with a minimum of ingredients? Vegetable, olive or burdock oil can be applied on slightly damp hair and wrap with cellophane and a towel. Then, leave for 3 hours, or even overnight, to create long-term greenhouse effect. Washed well with soap several times.

Neutralizes tonic mask with white or blue clay in combination with a balm for hair. The mixture was applied for an hour and then washed off thoroughly. Not recommended for dry hair as pulls moisture.

In search of an answer to the question of how to quickly wash away the hair tonic, it is necessary to take into account their condition, color saturation and the desired result. Sparing home remedies are less effective, and more aggressive require additional follow-up care. Thus there is the possibility to use professional formula, when all options have been exhausted.