Yuri Semin - the legend of the Moscow "Locomotive"

Yuri Semin, or as it is called paternally players Palycha, can be called without exaggeration great. Not a lot of trophies, not for his achievements and for his enormous contribution to the development of Soviet and Russian football. His coaching path dates back to 1982 and, despite its age, continues to this day. What to say about several generations of fans of the Moscow "Locomotive", for which Yuri Semin - the coach number 1 and perhaps the protagonist of "railroad" of recent decades.

Yuri Semin - the legend of the Moscow


Playing football at a professional level, Yuri Pavlovich began at age 18 and his first club was Orlowski "Spartacus." A year later, he moved into the camp mates from Moscow or, as they are called, in the "people's" team. In the sixties of the last century, even the most powerful players clubs do not know what a multimillion-dollar contracts, or private car, where you can go to the gym. Not spoiled life, and young players of "Spartacus." Only in the second year of performances for "meat" Yuri Semin got his own tiny dwelling on the outskirts of the capital and a local residence.

Lost his place in the first team, football player decided to go to Moscow "Dynamo", where he won his first trophy. Yuri Pavlovich Semin won the USSR Cup and silver medals of the championship.

Yuri Semin - the legend of the Moscow

band black - white stripe

After some disagreements with the coaching staff, "blue-white" Semin moved to Almaty "Kairat". Midfielder has been in good standing in the Kazakhstan club, but after a season again did not find a common language with the new coach, and was sent to the second league in "Chkalovets". After some wandering in the history of another Moscow club football has left its mark on the name of Yuri Semin. "Locomotive" was a high-level player at virtually no cost, and for the next two seasons, the midfielder spent the "railroad" nearly 80 times.

The next and the last club in the playing career of Yuri Semin - "Kuban". There footballer played three seasons and not just did not hit the dirt face, and became one of the leaders and the captain of the team of Krasnodar. For the "Kuban" the midfielder was able to excel in the opponent's goal 15 times.

Yuri Semin - the legend of the Moscow

On the bridge of coaching

After a short period of time, Yuri Pavlovich Semin started coaching. His debut came in the "Kuban", which not so long ago, he was still running player. Then followed a short period "Pamir", then Yuri Semin lead the team, which without exaggeration can be called a major step in his life - Moscow "Locomotive".

With a few interruptions in the Olympic team and the New Zealand national team of Russia Yuri Semin was at the helm of "railroad" for nineteen years - until 2005. Leaving the team Semin seemed to know that, despite the recent poor results, will be back here. After all, here was his club, his favorite fans who have always supported, there was his house.

Yuri Semin - the legend of the Moscow


"Red-Green" forever

In "Locomotive" Yuri Semin will be back two more times. The first - in 2009, just after returning from Ukraine. Lead the team this time it will be little more than a year, and in November 2010, again leave the club with the verdict "for the poor results." Next return to their communities will happen in the new history of the "red-green" in 2016. In the first match at the helm of the team coach "Locomotive" won a victory over the rivals from "Krasnodar" and the current results of the championship Semin club conducts persistent struggle for getting into the European Cups.

Ukrainian voyage

Another interesting stage coaching career Yuri Semin is related to the Kiev "Dynamo". In Ukraine, the Russian expert was invited in 2007, and the club president Ihor Surkis at a press conference that holds the new coach hopes. Kiev club of the year led a bitter struggle for the title to bitter rivals - Donetsk "Shakhtar", so when in 2009 Yuri Semin with a team of tried and gold medals, the joy of the army of fans of Kiev there was no limit.

This was followed by a short return to Moscow "Locomotive" as described above, followed by the end of 2010, the Russian coach returned to his favorite Kiev. However, the full contract work he did not succeed, and after a series of failures in the Dynamo 2012 coach resigned. During this time he managed to win the Super Cup of Ukraine and silver national championship. It is noteworthy that no matter where he worked, Yuri Semin, he has always been loyal to his team until the roots of the hair, so, despite any troubles, the fans always adored Pavlovich. He knew how to find, as it is now fashionable to call, an individual approach to the players. So, in the same Kiev "Dynamo" Semin was able to revive a career, though talented, but constantly violate Artem Milevskiy and Oleksandr Aliyev regime. Last and all followed the coach from Kiev to Moscow and back.