Can I sleep with the TV on?

Everyone knows that there are many things that affect weight. Absorb a bunch of processed high-calorie foods will not help you lose weight for the summer, and the sports - completely. However, this is not all. A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, shows a very interesting link between a popular habit, a way of life and a common set of weights. It's very strange, but ...

Can I sleep with the TV on?

Sleeping with the TV leads to weight gain

The study focused on women aged 35 to 74 years, shows that sleeping with the TV on - or any other source of bright light in the bedroom - it's a great way to gain weight. Data for the five-year period shows that those who sleep with the TV or other source of bright light, gaining more than 5 kilograms during this period.

Getting enough quality sleep every night - the tip of any checklist of healthy lifestyles, and lack of sleep was really connected with various problems, including obesity. Lack of deep sleep and sleep deprivation generally associated with health problems, including obesity. It has been proven that artificial lighting degrades the quality of sleep, and this is one of the reasons that features decrease the brightness of blue light appeared in our mobile devices and computers. In this case, a direct link between the artificial lighting in the bedroom and the overall increase in weight is still a little amazing.

"These results suggest that exposure to artificial light at night during sleep may be a risk factor for weight gain and the development of overweight or obese," he says. "Further research will help to clarify this relationship and to understand whether such a reduction in the impact of the world become the prevention of obesity."

Control calories and getting the greatest possible physical activity should be the main on the list, if you want to control your weight. However, there will always be other factors.

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